Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just because their ammo's old doesn't mean they're out.

I think Glenn Reynolds is making a mistake here. By claiming they're "Out of Ammo"

Yeah, the gun grabber's talking points and methods are old.  So what?

I wouldn't count them out.  The ideas may be old but they've got a lot of energy and power behind them.
So the ammo may be old but they've got a lot of it.

As can be seen here. The White house is putting quite a bit of weight on  their Foundations and Donors and Media. They're trying to move the needle on the culture.  And given what they've got it would be folly for us to whistle past the graveyard.

And it looks like the big announcement is set for Tuesday. Huh a month later.

Update:  And here's what Biden's hinting at:  Magazine Ban, Private Sale Ban,  and more collection of government data. There's also the Assault Weapon Ban,  though that was not emphasized as much.   In short: a big push to try to force a more Fudd-like gun culture in the US while building groundwork for registration.

And Glenn Reynolds points to how the NRA can get a hundred thousand members in 19 days. But that's not fast enough. Especially if their goal is to 5 million members.

At least the NRA released a a good statement after today's "pow wow" with the Administration.

I'm still disappointed and gobsmacked at the NRA's stupidity in trying to blame video-games.

And I've told them repeatedly.  As a member I may have more weight.

Here's the thing.  The NRA is a powerful lobbying group, and it is a grassroots one.  It's not the gun industry.  That's the NSSF.

Here's the thing.

If you think Assault weapons bans are inept and based on emotional panic....
If you think magazine bans are even more pointless....
If you think the second amendment is more than a "Right to Hunt"...
If you don't want to be called a murder just because of your desire to defend yourself...

Even if you're just for real solutions and a dialog on violence but want to retard a knee-jerk emotionally based manipulation then you may want to

Then you should look into the NRA.

Or maybe you just want to call and talk with them.  Maybe talk about their ideas on the media or their whole  School Shield idea.   You can call 'em too.

And if you don't want to join, I can understand that.  Personally, I think that they need the new blood.  And they need the new members telling them to focus on gun rights and not video-games.

But even if you won't do that, it can’t hurt to contact your Representative and Senators.

Here's the NRA's contact congress stuff.

But there's also writing your reps directly.

House here.  Senate Here.

Even if your rep or Senator is "safe"  contact to tell him or her to keep up the good work.
If he's for gun control, write to express your displeasure and that it will have an impact on ballot box and donations.

If you don't know, lay out your argument.

And a bit of advice.

Sending an Email is good. Calling is better.  A written letter trumps but be sure to send to their local office.
But, best of all, visit their local office if you can.  

Start with a subject line like this:  “Senator X – protect the Second Amendment and Fight any new gun laws.”
Repeat as the first line in your message.

Keep your sentences short.   Make your point simple and clear.   The aides just log the messages based on the side you take.

So go with you being against Bill X or Gun Control Idea Y.   Start off by mentioning how long you've been a resident in the district, if you've ever donated to the politician, that you're a frequent voter.

Let them know what defying you will cost them.

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