Monday, January 14, 2013

Gun Control's Slippery Slope.

So not only does NY Gov Cuomo want a super duper new Assault Weapon Ban in addition to the existing state ban,  but he wants another magazine ban.

"The emerging proposal would expand the state’s existing assault weapons ban and limit ammunition magazines to a maximum of seven rounds, down from the current ten."

Gee, it's almost like each law is more and more restrictive with an end goal of disarming the proles.

Oh but I'm sure he'll be satisfied with baning magazines lager than ten, err,  seven rounds.

If you live in New York you might want to contact your reps.
HereOr here.

Since there's no "safe" guns for these folks.   And this is why we have to write and call and show up and lobby and do what we can to stop them.  Because one victory for gun control builds on the next.

We are having an effect,  keep at it.  No matter where you live.

But hey,  it's not like they're banning something that criminals can just smuggle in or print up.

Oh. Well the important thing is that such a ban will fall under  normal law-abiding citizens.  Those that can't afford special guards and don't want to make and trade in contraband.

And really, an underground economy in making and shipping gun parts?   Next thing you know you'll tell me there's an underground economy in making and shipping weeds.

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