Wednesday, January 2, 2013

If you live in Illinois...

You better get crackin'.  The antis have a boat of bills that bans everything up to the kitchen sink:   ranges, magazines, lost and stolen requirements,  "assault weapons" ban that covers just about every semi-auto there is.  Very little transfers and grandfathering, registration, registration, registration.

As Sebastian says:

So if you’re in Illinois, get calling. Get your friend to call too. Know an old guy that has an M1 Carbine or two he thinks are safe? Get him involved too, because the M1 could be affected. We have to stop them here. It was inevitable that the Chicago machine would lash out after losing so badly in Court, but we have to stop them here. Illinois gun owners are now at the front line of the first battle in what’s going to be an awful, multi-year war.
The goal here is to throw everything at us, wear us down, and keep wearing us down until we capitulate. Until people are so tired of calling and writing, that we stop doing it. Are we going to let them do that to us? We have to stop each and every one of these.

And speaking of writing, Robb Allen has a new form letter too.

I've got some better news for later today at least.

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