Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Times like this I'm glad I moved out of New York.

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo gets his gun ban on.

He's got into a pissing match and wants to have the "best" Gun Ban nation wide.

And if you think you're okay because your gun is grandfathered? Forgetabout it.

That's what grandfathering is. Ban now or ban later.

Oh and the Whitehouse is saying it'll get what it wants, even if it has to go by Executive Order. But you know what? If they can bully congress into rubber-stamping their dream list they don't have to do that.

Still think you can sit this one out because you've got yours?

Though in fairness. If I still lived in NY I'd be more of an activist there. But I didn't stay in NY because the jobs weren't there.

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