Thursday, January 17, 2013

Confirmed: Mr. A really doesn't like the blood dancing

There was a post the day after Sandy when Mr. A unloaded about the blood dancing the antis were doing.   It was odd given how... well he was right.  I wondered if it was a passing thing.  

Turns out it's not.  Mr A is really pissed at the media's portrayal of this.

Now this was completely unprompted on my part.  Mr. A simply unloaded and I had to ask him to repeat himself after I got the tail end of it.

He starts with a big sigh

NPR's gun control reporting may be enough to convince me to stop supporting them. I suppose I should find out who their local ombudsman is first and give him a piece of my mind
The language they choose, the way they use it, has come across to me as a passive-aggressive attempt to represent the issue in a biased fashion.  Particularly their use of 'assault weapons' language and the way they've been asking interview questions The entire thing has felt like a bunch of people trying desperately not to scream "FUCK GUNS AND FUCK ANYONE WHO LIKES THEM, YOU MURDERING SCUM!"
Emphasis emphatically on his part.  Remember this is a guy who is very, very liberal.   And has said that he wishes the two parties in the US were the progressive party and the Democratic party.

 In this case you have liberals whoring out a bunch of dead kids to enact legislation that does not appear to have any value add or relevance to their death, and infringes on established rights, and pretty much saying "fuck your rights, there are dead kids on TV I can use to do what I want!" It's difficult for me to describe just how wrong Obama, Feinstein, etc.. are on this one.

It's like... an exact mirror image of when republicans and conservatives go on screaming rampages about how the economy isn't doing well/well-enough because rich people are being taxed too much and investments shouldn't be taxed at all and [insert usual HAQHASDHFADFHADAS right wing garbage] 

Yes that's an out and out Champagne Socialist progressive going off on the "fuck your rights" media and talking about infringing rights.  Yeah.

I don't agree with the second paragraph really. I think while the tactics might be similar, the scale is vastly different.  But it's there to show the frame Mr. A is coming from, and to put in some evidence that he wasn't replaced by a pod.

I did point out the bloody fetus waving of some of the pro-lifers and he readily agreed and said he was going to put that comparison into his bitch letter to NPR.

And after agreeing that 'Assault weapon' is basically defined as 'it looks scary', he complained about how pointless such bans are:
Obama's not stupid, none of the people writing the laws are.  They know what they are, know that they are busy work, and they do it anyway.  I think it's probably just a wedge issue to weaken Republicans in the eyes of moderates.The problem is that we're making changes that don't actually do anything for what I believe are wholly realpolitik reasons
As I mentioned in the original post.  I suspected that some of Mr. A's ire was on the self-preservation angle. That he thinks such efforts could hurt his party and distract them.

And there's certainly some of that there,  but there's also a sense of pointlessness. 

In short he's angry at children being exploited, gun owners being called murderers  and the media fanning the flames of emotional panic,  all to pass laws that will infringe rights and do nothing about crime or violence. 

That's shocking.   Remember,  Mr A is a guy that is for Bloomberg's soda ban


Oh and he also said this: "That legislation that New York rammed through? No exceptions for police officers, they have to take bullets out of their guns. Hah!"

God lord... he almost sounds like a gunnie.

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