Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey may not like blood dancing but...

Mr. A might be able to make his peace with it.

 Man I dunno. I talk about Obama being a Chicago politician like that's a good thing, but if his entire angle on gun control is meta-politics, a (successful) attempt at smearing NRA crazy all over Republicans, that's pure Chicago politics.
I guess something along the lines of "the ends justify the means.. until the means involve shitting in my Wheaties" hypocritical NIMBY bullshit at it's worst
Let's unpack this.  This is a man who a week ago said this:

 In this case you have liberals whoring out a bunch of dead kids to enact legislation that does not appear to have any value add or relevance to their death, and infringes on established rights, and pretty much saying "fuck your rights, there are dead kids on TV I can use to do what I want!" It's difficult for me to describe just how wrong Obama, Feinstein, etc.. are on this one.

And now he's trying to go all three-dimensional chess to excuse Obama's actions.  And this fits. Right after the massacre Mr. A had another bitch about "liberals" and gun control.  And I theorized that his main concern was fallout to his side.

Though he is a bit myopic if he thinks it's just the re just the Republicans that are feeling the heat from the NRA and gun owners.  And despite some real stupidity, the NRA isn't exactly loosing the mainstream/popularity contests.

 I mean any politician that is for an Assault Weapons Ban is either ignorant or conning you. So it's a rank cynical exploitation of base emotions and ginning up fear to infringe on a basic right without 

And I asked him what the point was since he himself has said such laws do " not appear to have any value" and do not even have a even the fig leaf of a social good.  What's the point of doing this?

And Mr A replied:

 Well, the social good is smearing Republicans
Get that?   Threatening a right, exploiting dead children, and whipping up emotion is okay if it can be used against your political enemies. Say the President et al. get the laws that they want.  Like they did in New York. Well... I guess  liberal gun owners are just supposed to bend over and take one for the team.

 Hell in Mr. A's own words the gun grabbers and media are all: "fuck your rights, there are dead kids on TV I can use to do what I want!"  But that just might be okay if it'll hurt the Republicans.

At least Mr A has some self awareness:
The question is, "am I cool doing this unethically"
But not enough.

Basically... he thinks the president and others holding an enumerated right hostage via laws Mr. A himself has admitted are pointless. And that Mr. A might just be okay with it because –hey- it could hurt the Republicans.

Ah, gotta love how rights can be tossed aside for political vengeance.

By this logic, Mr. A would be for free speech restrictions if it could be used against the "enemy".   Oh wait,  he is.

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