Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why you should keep the pressure on.

Even the New York Times is noticing with this article Democratic Senators Face Gun Owners Roused by Talk of new Gun Laws.

Shockingly this NYT piece is almost balanced.  And points out the block of, at least nominally, Democratic Senators.  And the concerns of gun rights people.  And even the argument against gun control.  Such as how easy magazines are to change or that you can cause mayhem with any weapon or that blaming the gun is pointless.

The article even has someone point out the deliberately negative usage of the term "assault weapon".

Another example of the whole absurdity of "assault weapons" can be seen here.

And that's what happens when a term is so deliberately confusing.  Even a pro-gun article like this one will use the term assault rifle and assault weapon interchangeably.

Though that won't stop the gun grabbers.  Feinstein's doing her blood dancing and putting up her AWB 2.0.

You have at least written to your Senators and reps right?  We'll here's another link.

Put the pressure on everyone,  Republicans and Democrats. The time spent isn't much, and its a way to put a politician on notice.  Because otherwise, how would they know how many people are against gun control?

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