Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sen Donnelly: Against an AWB, "neutral" on Private Sales Bans.

Well, him going out against an Assault Weapons Ban is good.

But he's noodling around the notion of banning private sales.

That's bad.

If you live in Indiana,  drop him a line.    Use the carrot and stick.

Go with the whole: "I am gladdened by you taking a stand for the rights of Hoosiers by rejecting the Assault Weapons Ban."

But go in with some stuff like:

However, do not vote for a Private Sale Ban.  Like the Assault Weapon Ban you, rightfully oppose, it would do nothing to stop such tragedies we have seen.

It is already illegal for a prohibited person to acquire a firearm by any means.  Thus banning private sales would do nothing to deter them.  They would simply steal, murder (as was the case in Sandyhook), or have someone conduct a straw purchase in their stead (as we saw in the Webster New York shooting where a convicted murder got a gun by having a neighbor pass the background check).

It is naked political exploitation to ban Private Sales when neither a private sale nor a gun show was even involved in any of these Mass Shootings.
Doesn't need to be much.  Encourage the AWB stance, and give a prod on the Private Sales stance.

Link via   Sebastian  who with Bitter has been doing amazing work.

Such as watching 4 hours of Senate Gun Control hearings and liveblogging it.

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