Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The next gun grabber "consensus": Private Sale ban.

That looks like what they're gonna try to get through too.  With some nebulous add ons with "mental health checks". The devil's really in the details there.

This time it's bipartisan!  And the media's still supporting Manchin's lie that he's working through the NRA.

 Ed Morrissey comments:

Small wonder that Chuck Schumer calls expanded background checks “the sweet spot.” That will give Congress a chance to claim that they are doing something in the wake of the Newtown, Aurora, and Tucson mass shootings while bypassing the more politically dangerous action of banning weapons — especially since there will be no functional difference between banned and allowed semi-automatic rifles, and since murders by rifles of any kind are an exceedingly small percentage of the overall level of homicide victims.  Background checks would have the virtue of addressing the entirety of firearms, too, without pursuing outright bans based on aesthetics.

And then Ed shows he's a knob:
Update: I’m with War Planner in the comments: “No problem with background checks; just no permanent registration of firearms.” But let’s be clear that these background checks will not have much impact on the kinds of mass shootings that are driving this debate, although they may help keep firearms out of the hands of more ordinary criminals. 

Well, no.   Given that straw purchases are already illegal  banning private sales won't do diddly.  Unless you have a universal registration too.   And if you think that having mandatory background checks won't be grounds to go to permanent registration, for that exact reason, then you're a fool.

Perhaps you should contact your legislators.  Or here.

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