Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama's Children's Crusade

Uncle unpacks the 29 or so Executive Orders Obama put out while standing surrounded by children and reading letters from children.   

JayG thinks on what it means.  Including "zeroing in on private sales and a new AWB, but he's leaving it to Congress to take the fall if it is not implemented. He's pushing the same old tired ideas that have tried and failed, and dressed them up in the guise of "for the children". "

And gee  Reid's thinking of bringing some sort of gun control to the floor.  Can't hurt to keep up the pressure.

And Roberta gets the Quote of the Day:

 Looky, we're in for a long hard slog against a President who'll be standing in the door waving an ax handle and emoting about "Gun control now, gun control forever" the whole time.  They want to treat gun owners the same way they treat smokers -- and it's up to you and me to stand up and refuse to ride in the back of the bus, or be dragged behind it.
    Be sure to look for his human shield of innocent children -- remember, it's despicable when Saddam Hussein does it, but a-okay for POTUS.  Right? 

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