Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mr A... *against* blood dancing?

It looks that way. He had this to say yesterday:

So the forum I go to is has a  thread called  "[New School Shooting] Can we get finally get fucking serious about gun control now?!" Goddamned fucking liberals.
Emphasis added. Yeah, that's the champagne socialist swearing about liberals. That's a man that uses the term "rapepublicans" angry at the blood dancing. To be fair, he also hates feminists, hippies, and environmentalists. 

And then someone else pointed out: "The guy walked in with the most basic guns. Even a 22 would have done the job.  No control even touches that."

To which Mr. A went: "Yup." And proceed to bitch about blood dancing and talk about how he wants to troll that gun control thread. This is from a guy who thinks May Issue is a good idea and that it isn't abused.

And part of it is that he hasn't tried to get a carry permit in a May Issue state.  He doesn't have friends who have tried either.  So he can hold onto his illusion that May Issue isn't a corrupt collusion of the police and the powerful.

But what he does have is friends that have bought guns and have gotten Shall Issue state permits. He also has some familiarity with firearms and, broadly speaking, the federal laws on who is a prohibited person.

So he knows it wasn't a "machine gun"  and that when it comes to killing small children, just about anything, even a knife would do the job.

This does show that the cultural leads the political. Mr. A hates conservatives (and much of the Liberals too) but he knows just enough about firearms to realize that the Gun Grabbers are wrong.  That what they are saying is moronic.

This is a guy that is overtly hostile to the First Amendment and Due Process. Who thinks that a big gulp ban is a good idea. And even he isn't buying the "We have to ban the Assault Weapons" tripe.   Part of this is due to the demystification of guns.  The antis depend on people being emotional and afraid. and ignorant (both of the legal situation and crime statistics).  

And that's why he's so angry at the Antis. It hurts his side. Mr. A wouldn't vote against a gun controller Democrat, but he knows that other people would.

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