Friday, December 21, 2012

The Bill of Rights isn't pick and choose.

As Penny Arcade shows.  I can't argue with their conclusion.   Though I fear that many would be comfortable destroying the Second Amendment to "protect" the First.

Penny Arcade has done good work, look at their Child's Play charity, and their thing is to show that videogames are not the destruction of society.

Gamers do know a bit of the "special hell" that gunnies have.  Of having an interest in something frowned on by "upright society".   Sucks that they got it from the NRA too.

Sounds kinda familiar too?  What is gonna be the game community's response, eh?

Just because the murdering monsters play video games does not mean that the "video game community" is responsible, or that millions of players should be punished because of their interests.

It's like Huckabee blaming gays.  Yeah, why not, blame millions of Americans that did nothing wrong and broke no law.

The NRA really shot themselves in the foot.

Update: Here's an upside at least.   The NRA was not advocating a video game registration.  They were not talking about an Assaulting Game Ban, where games with 2 or more "heinous" features on a list would be banned.

But there you go,  now you can have people go after guns AND feel like they're defending the First Amendment.

Before this NRA presser the various webcomics (of the small survey I read) had not touched gun control.  And neither had Cracked.  Despite them doing it in the past. Now?  We'll see.

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