Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Comment(s) of the Day

We'll start because I like my ego with a reply to a comment of mine on Weer'd's:
There’s some positive thinking, Jack! That puts a smile on my face!

That crippled tyrant did have a positive side-effect!

You'll have to go to the link for the context.

Weer'd on Uncle showing off his son's first time firing an AR
Love that video!

Also this is impossible without a collapsible stock which is illegal in Massachusetts.

Making children smile is illegal here. This is the purpose of their laws.

And on the former Snowflakes in Hell on if the Canadian Long gun registry represent a bridge too far?

Will this repeal show Canadian gun owners that they have an option other than keeping their heads down or trying to accomodate with the antis? Well to use Rocky logic, this shows the Gun Control movement can bleed. That they can be beaten.

And another great comment by Weer'd:
Also, speaking as a former anti, the AWB was the big dumb lie that got me to question EVERYTHING the anti-rights movement has pushed.

The AWB seems like a good idea if you believe the guns are more deadly and dangerous than ban compliant guns.

Mandatory permits and training and registration sounds like a great idea if you believe these things lower, or solve crime, or prevent accidents.

Gun-free Zones seem like a good idea if it saves lives.

Of course data shows all of this is crap, and the backers of the laws are liars, and that converts pretty hard.

People don’t like being lied to.

An example. I have a Canadian gunnie friend and what really turned him from a "guns are neat but sensible gun control is sensible" to "Gun Control is a pack of stupid lies and jackbooted thuggery" was this story.

With that he realized that no only were safe storage laws BS that the police used to punish someone who dared defend himself. He's made jokes about a revolver covered in cable locks and trigger locks as being "Candian Compliant". And talks about how Canadaians do have a right to self defense despite what the police think.

Much of that came from the realization that he was being lied to by people that found him contemptible. People don't like to be played the fool. Which is part of why they get so invested in sunken costs.

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