Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's gonna be a long Year... and then a longer decade

So, Obama's plan to solve high gas prices? Algae fuel... Yes, that is a future tech that he wants to fund for potential development, and no he doesn't have any proven technology he wants to use. Just another questionable "green" scheme. And Ace has to be a buzz-kill with his logistics and current economic needs:

Right now, we need oil. Oil is what the world runs on. Not lasers, and not fusion, and not fucking algae, for the love of God.

There will always be some technological innovations and occasionally a paradigm-shifting breakthrough, a watershed.

But your policy cannot be built up on the premise "And then a miracle happens," and further you certainly cannot schedule it to happen bureaucratically."

But that's what all of Obama's policies are based on. It's not quite that Obama wants to destroy the US, sure he wants to change the way it operates into his "more just" vision, but the other problem is he just can't make his rhetoric into reality.

He lives in a fantasyland of algae and miracles. He is functionally a child. Things will happen because he wants them to happen. He wants the cookie, ergo the cookie jar will spontaneously generate a cookie.

Which is how most politicans think and sell their policies. IE: you deserve X therefore X will be availaible, forever, at no cost. But most politicians at least disguise it a bit.

Well better than his plan to balance the budget.

Meanwhile Obama's mockingly dismissive of his mocking description of the Republican's plan:
You pay more, they’re licking their chops. You can bet that since it’s an election year, they’re already dusting off their three-point plan for $2 gas. I’ll save you the suspense. Step one is to drill and step two is to drill and then step three is to keep drilling.

Yeah... increasing supply of a good normally does reduce it's price. I mean drilling more? That's crazy talk. No, algae will solve this year's gas price spike.

And why does he think drilling isn't a solution?
We are at the same line in 2007 when I was running for president. We hear the same thing every year. We’ve heard the same thing for 30 years. Well, the American people aren’t stupid. They know that’s not a plan, especially since we’re already drilling.

So it's impossible for the rate of production could increase? Man there's that mercantilist -progressive thinking: you can only redistribute the pie, there's no finding more pie

It's certainly not like Gulf Coast production has been slashed on the President's order, or that he's canceled a pipeline that would increase our supply of Canadian oil. Talk about a simplistic binary view of the world: The US is either drilling for oil or it's not.

And funny that he mentions how the some people say every year that the US should increase production. "If We Started Drilling In ANWR Today, We Wouldn't Have Oil Until Ten Years from Now." -2002 And plenty more at the link.Via Ace

So not only is the President scornful of a basic economic tenant (raise supply to lower price), but he's also aghast that his political rivals might blame him for his energy policies. The link has more, including a time when Democrats blamed the President for gas prices.

And it's not like Obama wanted high energy prices.

Ed Driscoll has more.

Keep this in mind that the President is through "compromising" and has made a big campaign theme of "We Can't Wait". That the whole checks and balances thing is a limitation for lesser presidents but not him.

Since when do elected officials get to decide that they are “done compromising,” as the president’s chief of staff asserted? Obviously, politics, which at its heart is the art of compromise, is too pedestrian, too . . . democratic for this administration.

Via Ace who fears "It has gone beyond the political, gone beyond policy, gone beyond preferences."

So we have a president who is angry that he's being challenged... and that people dare to hold him accountable, well at least he'll have all support from all the people that hated Bush's "imperial presidency" and "totalitarian policies", as well as the media.

Until his friends remove the middle-man and by the outlets themselves to ensure things run really smoothly.

And Victor Davis Hanson has some more doom with the story of the "Dog that Caught the Car".
The Obama administration’s real problem is existential: What if it gets what it wants, but then finds that either it or the country really is uncomfortable with what it got?


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