Friday, February 10, 2012

Today's Project: Remora Small Magazine Holster

I mentioned modifying a Remora Magazine Holster yesterday.

Weer'd was not kidding when he warned that the holsters were designed for full size magazines.

They double version works great and will be handy for carrying two 1911 magazines whenever I use my IWB holster.

But I also got 2 single ones for my LCP and my PM45.

Well I did the mod for my LCP tonight and then tested it for a bit, and I think it'll work as an IWB or pocket magazine holder.

Left is my LCP in the Desantis Nemesis holster. Right is two magazines in the Remora holder (which is made of about the same material).

Below is what the holder originally looked like.

The Remora had good stitching and quality material. I'll know more about how it wears with some testing, but so far been rather happy, and it was easy to modify.

So if you have a pocket gun and you want to carry your ammunition better than just loosely in a pocket, this can work for you.

Though if you solely want IWB carry, It may be better to simply sew along the bottom of the holder to shorten the depth of the pocket.

PS: It's kind of funny that the first real thing I do with my work bench (other than polishing some wood grips) is swwing.

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