Monday, February 13, 2012

Know your Place Serf! 2

Once again we have "Special privilages for special people."

Of course the head of Media Matters can have armed body gaurds and even have his personal assitant illegally carry a Glock. He's an important man that needs protection against "right wing attack."

Just don't tell his funders... or his readers... or his writers.

So, let me get this straight. The attacks on lawful gun owners are coming from a group that is headed by someone who hires an armed driver, suffers from a questionable mental state, has publicly admitted to drug use, and had an assistant violate gun laws on his behalf. The organization leader isn’t actually concerned about the hypocrisy of it all, but rather that funding might dry up if his gun hiring habits are exposed.

Oh and if you work for him and object you'll be fired. Course you'll be fired if these so sensitive and tolerant people think you're too ugly too. Or complain about the drugs and sex.

Geeze. As Mr. Evilwrench notes. These guys fulfill their stereotypes even better than they say we do.

But you can trust them to be a voice for gun control. And you better, because if you don't play ball they'll come after you.

One of the strategies Media Matters employs in trying to make sure that all reporters only provide a left-leaning vision of America is to release the hounds on smaller reporters working for regional papers. They throw the weight of their nationwide fundraising and contact list, as well as the bloggers who carry their water, onto reporters who are just trying to cover the news as it relates to the towns around them.

And from the same parent article we see that these clowns help the White House create and enforce enemies lists.

So remember the next time Media Matters rails on how some law or regulation would make things "more fair"... remember that if they find the law inconvenient themselves, they'll just ignore it.

And here's another example of friends of the Crown getting special privileges.

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