Thursday, February 16, 2012

Laws are for the little people.

Media Matters being hypocritical? Surprise!

Sure they're against concealed carry and all rights, but that's just for you proles.

No explanation was provided for why Media Matters advocates punishing permit holders who accidentally carry permitted concealed handguns into gun-free zones, but simultaneously think that it is fine for their organization to carry guns in Washington, D.C. where no other civilians are allowed to do so by law.
Yet, whatever Daley and O’Donnell’s personal contradictions, neither of them were committing a crime. Brock’s actions are arguably much worse: carrying a concealed handgun in Washington, D.C. is a felony.

They’re against concealed carry for you or I but when it comes time to protect their own hides they’ll happily have a flunkie carry a Glock for them.

Because when their own lives are on the line, they know what's the best method for their own self defense.

The difference is that they don't want the rest of you proles to have that same ability.

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