Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Roll your own.

Jason at Shall Not Be Questioned does another home milling project.

This time making a 22 AR lower out of Derlin.

Very neat stuff. He's also done work on aluminum lowers too.

It's cool to see it go from a block of plastic to a functional and legal firearm (in both definitions as the project is legal, and that chunk of plastic is what the law considers the gun).

We can all put in in the standard bit about Gun Control being a dead-letter here.

An interesting thing to consider is that in the US homemade firearms are already legal and even the most restrictive states allow Joe-Average to buy some sort of gun. Then add in that 70% of the country is at the very least Shall Issue, and there's only one state and DC that do not have any kind of CCW.

So, in all, the effect of a person being able to "print up" a gun because they want too would not be as destabilizing in the US as it would be in a country with very high gun control.

It's all about reducing "barriers to entry" in the US there are less barriers than in a country like the UK or Japan.

An interesting question will also be if there is a cultural or legal shift. Take Canada, a country where 22% of households have a gun, but only a tenth of those have a handgun. And Carry Permits are as mythical and "special" as Hawaiian permits.

So one can see that increased access to firearms may not translate to increased carry rights. It's not just the Right to Keep Arms, after all.

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