Thursday, February 9, 2012

Term of the day: Uncle Bruin’s Chastity Dungeon

LabRat has today's nightmare fuel.

The video is only a minute long but the questions will keep you up all night.

It starts out as a clunky video about how it's rad to save yourself for marriage. Fair enough... I suppose. Lord knows I won't judge on that, but using a teddy-bear as your font of wisdom? Really?

And then...

Where are they at the end? Is that a church? Where are the other people? Even if you elope you can’t get married without a minister or a justice of the peace.

Oh god, is that his basement? Did the scary guy who thinks a plush God Bear talks to him and cuddles with him take that poor girl to Uncle Bruin’s Chastity Dungeon?

One thing I'm glad for, that final scene didn't have an altar in it.

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