Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey Rube!

Remember when SuperPacs were a threat against democracy? And were a tool of the fatcats?

Well get ready to recalibrate your opinions!

I'm sure all those that agreeded with the president's assement of Super Pacs as being dangerous tools that bring too much money are A-okay with him using them for his own aims.

You see, it's different when the President does it.

Just imagine the reaction to Bush doing some of the stuff Obama's done... oh wait, you don't have to imagine for a lot of it.

And here's a couple more rubes that realize that when you put your trust in a giant bloated goverment you might get screwed over. Governments can lie? Who knew?

Maybe, just maybe some people will realize that the government is not your friend, it is nor your family. Instead, they will realize that it is force. Kurt Schlichter is a bit optimistic.

The Republicans, pushed by a groundswell of opposition from conservative new media types, bailed. SOPA was a non-starter, and now everyone will be looking the next time Hollywood tries to play them. Hey, Hollywood, there’s a new paradigm in Tinseltown.

And the Democrats who supported SOPA – and who could not back out no matter how outraged the nutroots got – ended up looking both foolish and like tools of the corporate power structure. And that’s just what they are.

But it gets better.

It gets better because this was a great object lesson all around. To those in Republicans in Congress, it brought attention to a subject that had been sadly ignored but is vital to a huge number of influential voters. It gave them an issue – Internet freedom – that is truly congruent with conservative values, unlike the past political payoffs to connected Hollywood cronies. We conservatives can run on this.

It was also a lesson to young, tech-savvy people who see themselves as culturally liberal and just kind of voted that way, mostly out of habit. The group that really shares their values – creativity, enterprise, freedom – is the conservativees. The liberals they counted themselves among wanted to shut down websites, not the conservatives. SOPA opened a lot of eyes."

Perhaps. In my experience a lot of even casual independents see Democrats being corrupt as a sign of "Corporatist American Goverment" while Republicans being corrupt is "Right Wing Extermism."

There's also the very creepy notion that those in government will be less inclined to abuse their powers than those in corporations. Never mind that governance has far greater economic, legal, and financial power, not to mention uniquely possessing coercive powers.

Nope, there's still the idea that someone driven by greed is worse than someone driven by "good government". Despite the fact that a corporation can only meddle in your life if you agree to do business with them or are mandated to by the State. The State has no such limitations.

However to those inclined to open their eyes, this does help. And people, even on the left, have noticed which side was moved by internet freedom.

I've been working with a pro-gun Canadian friend and been able to show hims how safe storage laws and registration can be abused. Even in his own country.

He's also been very receptive to events like the Carry at Starbucks on the 14th. And he's expressed a desire to participate, despite his own country's laws.

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