Monday, February 27, 2012

A thought on ignorance.

Weerd Beard talks about some choice insanity by the Brady Campaign.

Basically they're harkening back to the good old days, a 100 years ago when" gun makers could build a #gun child couldn’t shoot for pennies per gun. Still can. Yet today triggers are more sensitive."

Are they talking about trigger pull? Safety features? The 1911 is a very popular gun (guess how old it is) and has a very light trigger, but has 2 safeties. Revolvers have no safeties but have fairly heavy triggers. And... the trigger weights haven't really changed. If anything with the Wonder-9's and subsequent composite frame weapons the trigger has gotten heavier.

This betrays a gut-level bleat based on no actual knowledge or experience with firearms. And yet they want to regulate them and think they know better than you if you should have a gun.

But why are they so ignorant? It's not like this stuff is hard to learn about. Especially not with the internet. Say what you will about abortion but at least both sides know what a trimester is. Obligatory shoulder thing that goes up.

So why don't they learn even a tiny bit about guns? This isn't about knowing something and lying for your side's benefit. This is just blabbing whatever "feels right".

We are dealing with a group that wears their ignorance of firearms like a badge of honor.

In a way I suppose that makes a certain kind of twisted sense.

Take Weer'd, he used to be an anti. Then he started shooting and became more informed about things and look at him now: Full bearded and full gunned.

I'd guess that all but the most insular anti's know at least someone that fell to the "darkside". Which could contribute to their fear of knowledge.

Lord knows they've got enough magical thinking already about the evil, corrupting intent of objects. Why not do the same with knowledge?

Is that it? They're not just afraid of objects but also of ideas?

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