Monday, February 6, 2012

Guess the source:

Of this spokesperson proposing a crazy governmental scheme:

“As of March, every last gun shop remaining should be closed. That is to say the perverse chapter of the commercialization of firearms and munitions [will be] over.”

Sounds like some gun grabber blabbing about the evil NRA and gun lobby right?
Especially, when you put in this preceding bit "saying that articles used to threaten human lives cannot not be sold freely."

Guess who?

The Venezuelan Minister of the Interior and Justice, Tareck El Aissami.

So yes, Hugo has decided that nationalizing everything in sight, and controlling the media isn't enough, total disarmament of everyone but his cronies is required.

Because articles that threaten human lives should only be in the hands of the State.

Miguel has the full quotation with identifying nouns.

Gun Control, it's catnip for Dictators.

Which says a lot about the mentality of those in the US that want it. Nice to see that the UN will happily side with totalitarian thugs bent on ruling a pliant and defenseless population.

Oh and the UN was right there in Caracas at the International Seminar on Arms and Munitions Control and Disarmament. And they approved of the measures.

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