Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Second Amendment solutions.

So in a letter to the Editor and OWS gent responds to the claim that sure "Occupy might lack clear goals on how to move forward" but that there's a solution.

[T]he movement has accomplished its main original goal: to protest these injustices, not by simply holding a rally and going home, but by keeping the rally going to underscore the seriousness of this problem. Your piece accuses the protesters of sitting around and doing nothing. So maybe they should take up their Second Amendment-sanctioned guns and storm Wall Street and our nation’s capitals.

Yes... because the sensible answer to a lack of clear goals on how to move forward is to sit in place... for months on end. And if that fails jump from rallies straight threatening armed insurrection. Not even gonna try the ballot box? Or is OWS decided to cut out the middle man once again and move to outright banditry? They've already moved from occupying parks to occupying houses.

Though call it a safe bet, but this guy is probably a total poser, or at least urging his buddies to vote from the rooftops sans rifle, ladder, and without getting any roofing tar under his nails.

Though I'll make another bet that someone with the Occupuy group will try something... again.

And note that the Second Amendment is only looked at approvingly by the media, (even the insurrectionist interpretation) when it's done on behalf of leftist agitators. And note that instead of rebelling against tyranny the OWS mantra is demands of money, the ability to walk away from debt, and greater government control of the economy.

Not the only Bizarre Behavior today.

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