Wednesday, December 12, 2012

And the winner is....

A fine gentleman named ACS! 

I talked with the fellow and informed him of the prize package, which is being put together now.

And as a bonus this is his and his family's first foray into the wonderful world of black powder. And I can hardly think of a better starter.

Once more  I'd like to thank Speer for his generous donation, Erin for organizing the care packages and drumming up support for this raffle whenever possible, Old NFO and JayG for running herd on all us cats,  Jennifer for keeping all the donations straight, and of course all of you who donated, organized raffles, and sent in care packages.  

You all came through for Tam.

I'll put up the total from Jennifer when she gets back.   And of course I'll put up some photos as the package gets together.

Total raised by raffling off the Handgonne and kit:  $400

Thanks again everyone!

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