Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another revealing bit of Mr. A

Well color me shocked.   Mr. A is vehemently anti Israeli too.

In response to this article.  He went went in with this:
Nazi Israel rolls like that. Ya know.. whether its ten years or fifty, Israel is gonna get nuked to shit. Too many motivated states and non-state actors that they just can't stop antagonizing
Yeah, when your very existence is antagonizing....  

And also note how casual the oh-so-progressive and tolerant fellow both Goodwins and shrugs off a Nuclear Holocaust.

And note that Hamas'  repeated, deliberate, and recent rocket barrages against civilians was just shrugged off.  But Israel wants to build somewhere they've held for nearly half a century?  Well that'll get 'em nuked.

I almost wish I had asked him if he thinks Iran is working on a nuclear bomb. And if that was even, you know, a bad thing.   But he's revealed quite enough without me having to say a word.

Like how the Republicans are the real villains here:
 There was progress, grudging but steady.. after 2000 I feel like a lot of the problem was the republican administration's blank check to Israel to do wtf-ever they wanted, which was even more so after 9/11. It used to be the U.S. was something of a check on the worst right-wing tendencies of Israel.
Meanwhile this is the contested piece of land. Just for reference.

The old hates are always so comfortable aren't they?  Especially if you can wrap yourself in the flag of your moral superiority.  Hungary's getting the old boots out of the closet too. 

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