Friday, December 7, 2012

Another sign zombies have jumped the shark.

When you have folks like this picking up on it.

When Z list internet folks that comment on the strange news pick it up,  yeah it's reached saturation.

I know the vast majority of gun owners into the whole zombie thing take it as a joke or like Zombie Squad as a metaphor.   Though there are shirts like this.

Interesting thing is even on a show with a guy who's "neutral" and a self-proclaimed  Northeast Liberal woman they don't go on about people buying guns for protection. No they're gobsmacked at people wanting protection against imaginary threats, like zombies or goat suckers.

This also shows how culture has an effect.  Where these people aren't gunnies but they have some knowledge of the terms.

Course these are the same guys that don't realize how a hatchet could be drug paraphernalia. Like say a peace pipe.  Though that does raise the question of why wouldn't any other pipe be drug paraphernalia

Though they do take exception to this story, in last week's episode.

Guy in line on Black Friday gets punched in the face,  pulls out a gun, doesn't fire, but people scatter.  Cops are called and say the guy is within his rights, and he gets his gun back (if unloaded). And of course those two complained about "overreaction", while ignoring the whole assault to the face.

But three interesting things  their main complaint was well.  Rule 4 violation.  Risk of a bystander getting hit.  Which is a legitimate concern.

The other was that the two hosts on that little show didn't put 2 and 2 together.  Unlike my link, they said that the guy got his gun back and in either report the cops pressed no charges.  They never outright went "Huh, the cops said what he did was legal and within his rights. How odd."

And finally, like with the first link, there wasn't the knee-jerk reaction against people arming themselves or carrying.   It is a bit hard to go "Why would you ever need a gun when shopping?"  when talking about a story where a guy got physically assaulted and had to defend himself.

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