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Well... you can go and read this from Tam.  Remember when talking with folks that not everyone is an Alpha -level gunnie or what have you.   So be careful with your snark and ire.

Though there are are some targets of such beclownment that you can go after nice and easy.

Thank you, David Gregory.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your stunt is worth a thousand op-eds. In less than one minute of screen time, you demonstrated several things:
First, even “banned” magazines are ridiculously easy to acquire. How long did it take your producers to find that magazine? Five minutes? Ten minutes? There are millions upon millions of these cheap and easy-to-manufacture items in circulation, and “banning” them will have exactly the effects you so brilliantly demonstrated on national television.
Second, labyrinthine gun-control restrictions serve mainly to instantly (and often inadvertently) convert otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals. It’s a media-created myth that guns are largely unregulated in the United States. In fact, they’re so heavily and complexly regulated that it’s difficult for citizens to track jurisdictional differences or even sometimes to understand the laws in their own jurisdictions. 
Third, strict-liability gun offenses breed disrespect for the law. I tend to agree with your friends in the mainstream media — prosecuting you for holding an empty magazine in your hand would be a travesty of justice. You weren’t going to hurt anyone, you were merely using a prop for an argument, and — after all — the magazine was simply an inert hunk of metal. But the law is the law, and I’m sure you’ll agree that you should be treated exactly the same as any other (previously) law-abiding citizen caught with a similar item.

Via Glenn Reynolds

Meanwhile Feinstein does what Feinstein does best.   Oh and look, Senator-elect Joe Donnelly is now open to gun control.  Funny that.    On the upside calling him doesn't hurt.  Will it do anything?  Who knows.

But the call is cheap and quick and it at least gives his minions some idea.

And Robb Allen reminds us why showing up is so important:

Look, I know Feinstein’s bill has as much chance at passing as the Democrats proposing a bill stating that the US recognizes Socialism as a failed policy, but remember – they’ll float the most outrageous bills in order to make other bills seem tame in comparison. I also see that the narrative isn’t cooperating and that more people are wondering about the mental health system than they are about gun bans, but that’s still not much consolation.
At our Florida Carry meeting last weekend, while I wasn’t there for the whole call the one part we did discuss sent chills down my spine. The anti’s are working overtime, behind the scenes. They are in your representative’s offices, bending their ears. Certain members of other nation-wide firearms groups mentioned that they’ve never seen this much coordination and effort by the anti’s ever (and this certain person has been around since the National Stone Club Association).

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