Friday, December 21, 2012

Obama's still on the Gun Ban drum.

Obama responds to his gun control petition. Sure he's light on the actual details but he wants his supporter to keep at it.  Nothing like a politician encouraging people to contact their reps and say "Something must be done!"  What exactly? Don't worry the details, Dear.

He also spammed those that signed the counter petition.   I found that out today.

This is why it behooves your to write and call your reps.  Because Obama's supporters are.

At the link, Allahpundit seems fairly convinced that the Dems won't get anything (save maybe something "modest") and that this is a short-term distraction and a long term albatross to hang around Republicans (in the see!  We could have DONE something but House Republicans were the Party of No!).

We'll see.   Again, it can't hurt to call in.  And here's some current poll data.  Could be worse.  We're still better than when Obama took office on the subject.

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