Friday, December 21, 2012

Well... on the upside...

The NRA didn't try to sell out gun owners by embracing "common sense" bans.  And they did hit the Gun Free School Zone nonsense.

On the downside they gave a rambling train wreck of violent videogames,  home abuse,  violence in the media and TSA for Tots.

From the comments on Tam's

Yrro said...

So... two questions

1) What's your favorite non-NRA gun rights lobbying organization I can go become a member of?

2) What can we do to let NRA leadership publicly know that that response was a bunch idiotic bullshit we don't agree with?

 Well you can write them here.  Or call them at the same link.

Tam's advice?

1) I'm sending money to the SAF right now.
2) I will upgrade my membership if the NRA ashcans Wayne. 

 That's my plan.

So yeah, keep writing.  And look into the Second Amendment Foundation.

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