Thursday, December 20, 2012

Today we call.

I just got back from a very nice chat with the Indianapolis office of Senator Dan Coats.

Was polite and pleasant, and the secretary even agreed with the "Guns don't kill people, evil people do line." And from talking with her it sounded like the phones were rather busy on this subject.

Here's the thing,  calling up, writing, and sending letters has little marginal cost. And it can't hurt. Also you get used to it pretty quick.  I was more nervous on my call yesterday, and today I got into the swing of things.

Be polite, be firm, be happy, and be calm.

So again, call, write, email.  Make your presence known.   There's some great examples on what you can say and themes you can have. Here.  And as always concrete action is far better than moping.

More you can do if you have a gun shop or have friends that work in a gun shop.
And here's if you're in a gun club.

And there's also buying a gun and even getting your carry permit.   And there's also joining the GOA,  SAF, NRA, and your various state and local organizations.    I've already signed up for the SAF and my local organization.   I'm waiting on the NRA's statement on Friday.  If they don't squish I'll sign up for them too.

Edit: There's more than just waiting for.  Here's two links to go to where you can contact them.  Especially go if you're a member.  Tell them you don't want them to go down the path of appeasement.

And here's a pep talk from Robb Allen.

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