Friday, December 14, 2012

Contrasting posts.

Jay G on the one hand and Sebastian on the other.

 Expect dancing in the blood of these children - it's all the anti-freedom folks have. But to my freedom loving friends, remember that today is not the day for "Arm all the teachers" or "Gun free zones kill people". Be better than the ghouls today. Respect the dead. Mourn. Be human. Cry.


 As gun owners, if we could just experience the grief and sorrow along with the rest of the country, instead of having it intruded upon by that impending feeling of doom about what the media, the politicians, and the people in society who don’t much care for civilian gun ownership are going to do to our lives, liberty and often times livelihood? If we could go through something like this without worrying how much we’re going to be the scapegoats? I know that’s the thought that’s been crossing my mind as this entire horror story is playing out in the media. I don’t want to think about or deal with politics right now, but that’s precisely what I have to start getting ready for if I don’t want to risk that America, and the politicians who claim to represent her, in their rashest and most impulsive worst instincts, pass a knee jerk law that will overnight turn many Americans into instant felons. There are times I believe we all deserve a break from politics. This is one of them, but we will never get it.

And then Sebastian has more grim news. This is exactly what the antis have been waiting for.  And yes  consider the morality of a group that licks their chops at something like this happening.

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