Monday, November 26, 2007

Rust and Salt

Well my smoker worked fine. Patio is great for it. It's very nice to sit and watch the water as the jerky cures. One thing I wanted was relative peace in a place to live and this complex seems to have it.

And I've started to look into a new Truck. My current one has lasted a good 6-7 and asside from a dust plate on a brake system rusting and a tire with a weird leak, it's strong.

Insert, emphatic knock on wood here.

However, it's gotten to where it's not worth it if there's a major repair.

So that's that. I'll keep my truck going and look around.

An update on my couch. It's very nice to have a couch long enough to sleep on without having to curl up. Very important.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Couch and LCD

Well, the couch I ordered came in this weekend. Enjoying it. Nice one that's long enough for me to lay down on and has two recliners. Also got chairs for my dining room table.

I should pick up a camera sometime and take some pictures.

I also finally made the transition to LCD. Got a Dell 22" The extra desk space is really handy, and I like the better colors and brightness. It took me a while to get over my old 19" NEC.

The one problem is that my horrible, old tower is now even slower with the extra graphics.

I should get a new computer, but I'm wary of Vista. Though I suppose I can get hardware to overcome it and then just tweak the OS to where I want it.

But it's nice, I'm settled in here and have the place how I like it.

Friday, November 9, 2007

A visit to Asaka

Just came back from Asaka, Japanese restaurant.

After 6 years of not having good Sushi it was a pleasant experience. The ambiance was very good, the service was great and the fish was very fresh and nicely cut.

Their "Sushi Happy hour" Tuesday-Suncay 5-7 is a great advantage ~$1 per nigri is good. The bill was pleasantly low.

The chef was fun to converse with and engaging.

A couple small snags. The fish was pre-sliced when I arrived. Some purists may prefer to have the fillets cut then and there. This was a minor thing.

Another minor thing is that you do not directly order to the sushi chef at the bar. A little order card is filled out and handed to him. They do it to keep track of pricing. It's a bit of a barrier and removes some spontaneity.

It's not much of a problem because you can still talk with the chef and he is very pleasant and tells you whatever you want.

A possible problem is selection. They had good fish selection, but they may not have some of the more exotic and seasonal items.

I was there on a Friday night and while the dining room was full there were very few people at the sushi bar itself. More did come as I ate, so I could have been early.

They also have private rooms for more intimate dining.

In all it seemed to be one of the better places in Indy. There is the possibility that there is another place out there that has improvements over this one.

However, it has good fish at nice prices served by chefs and waitresses that do their jobs well. It is not one of the "trendy" Sushi places that only has overpriced roles full of artificial crabs.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Statistical Clustering

I've been looking for a new Sushi bar and have found something most odd.

By and large most are clustered in the northeastern part of the city.

I happen to live on the West side of it.

Ah well, should be interesting.