Friday, August 7, 2020

Cracked on the NY AG suit on the NRA

A..... shockingly non vitriolic (other than the standard boilerplate) article from, even more shockingly, the very angry Dan Duddly.

And isn't wrong about the worries of corruption.  If anything the article understates the severity and amount of it.

Though it wouldn't be an anti-gun bent if there wasn't the standard disconnect.

 I mean, this is an organization that was so fervently pro-gun that they lobbed insults at survivors of a school shooting. Could it be that the NRA's true motivations were not necessarily protecting gun-rights, so much as they were to stoke the flames of the gun-rights debate to drive donations to line their pockets and take trips to the Bahamas? It's just a theory, but I don't think it's a bad one.

Sure sure.  The whole Ack-Mac advertising firm is a big example of advertising that is confrontational and tribal and more about "Go Team Red! Hate Team Blue!" than anything gun rights related.

But then you get the next sentences:

 After all, there was a time where the NRA supported sensible gun legislation and even drafted the legislation requiring permits for concealed weapons. Perhaps people on both sides of the aisle would be a lot closer together on gun control if guys like Wayne LaPierre didn't have a direct financial incentive to drive them apart

Ah.  And yes both those articles are of the bent of "Why doesn't the NRA just support gun control!" 

So the important goal that the article ends on is... the NRA needs to protect gun rights by....  supporting gun control.

It is a tell when a guy who would write daily articles (or did before Cracked may have put the editorial boot on him) about how awful Trump and everyone not a Progressive is (this is just to point out that the man is quite happy to write vitriolic screeds)

And cheered  any gun control, and mocked the NRA.... and /his/ reaction to a state AG moving to dissolve the NRA is to the effect of "Well, guess we'll have to wait for the netflix documentary to see the real story?"

Not cheering or high fives?

Then again when the top voted comment, on the article itself, is this:

the NRA is a bloated organization that has bent the knee & outright supported every major gun legislation made in the US. they care more about getting donations & corporate sponsorships than they do about the 2nd.

you wanna take them down, & leave a giant NRA sized hole for competent 2A organizations to step into?