Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's weird when Mr. A is... reasonable.

Take this in part of the whole "don't totally demonize your rivals" theme.

So Mr. A was passing around this piece about "Hipsters on Foodstamps"

And he complained about the sense of entitlement of people that could work but chose not to and decide to take money from the "working man".  Then he went on about the higher education bubble specifically citing this part:

Imagine a large corporate machine mobilized to get you to buy something you don't need at a tremendously inflated cost, complete with advertising, marketing, and branding that says you're not hip if you don't have one, but when you get one you discover it's of poor quality and obsolete in ten months. That's a BA.

What's fascinating is that he's very much of a "leash the corporations"  mindset.  And yet...  by casting  education as -well- Big!Education Mr. A  is now free to complain about it.  Further he cites this part of the article.

When we see a welfare mom we assume she can't find work, but when we see a hipster we become infuriated because we assume he doesn't want to work but could easily do so-- on account of the fact that he can speak well-- that he went to college.  But now suddenly we're all shocked: to the economy, the English grad is just as superfluous as the disenfranchised welfare mom in the hood-- the college education is just as irrelevant as the skin color.  Not irrelevant for now, not irrelevant "until the economy improves"-- irrelevant forever. The economy doesn't care about intelligence, at all, it doesn't care what you know, merely what you can produce for it.  The only thing the English grad is "qualified" for in this economy is the very things s/he is already doing: coffeehouse agitator, Trader Joe's associate, Apple customer.................................................. and spouse of a capitalist. 

Fascinating stuff.   Both the reaction and the article itself.  Mind the article runs a bit long.

Heck part 2 gets into some very interesting stuff about the Welfare state.

So start with an interesting hypothetical: does everybody need to work anymore?  I understand work from an ethical/character perspective, this is not here my point.  Since we no longer need e.g. manufacturing jobs-- cheaper elsewhere or with robots-- since those labor costs have evaporated, could that surplus go towards paying people simply to stay out of trouble?  Is there a natural economic equilibrium price where, say, a U Chicago grad can do no economically productive work at all but still be paid to use Instagram?  Let me be explicit: my question is not should we do this, my question is that since this is precisely what's happening already, is it sustainable?  What is the cost?  I don't have to run the numbers, someone already has: it's $150/mo for a college grads, i.e. the price of food stamps.  Other correct responses would be $700/mo for "some high school" (SSI) or $1500/mo for "previous work experience" (unemployment).  I would have accepted $2000/mo for "minorities" (jail) for partial credit.
While all those monies have different names and different "requirements" they are all exactly the same thing: paying people who are off the grid, whether by choice or circumstance, indefinitely.  i.e. Living Wages. However, they can never be called that.  They have to pretend to be something else: this is for food, this is because of a medical problem we just made up, this is because you were caught with weed so we'll leave you in here for 6 months until we sentence you to probation.  And they have to have these fake reasons to give taxpayers a little emotional distance, deniability, otherwise they'd go John Galt, after all, they have all the guns.  If they can invade Iraq, how hard is it going to be to take the Whole Foods on 3rd? 

Again, interesting stuff.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Um... blog.

Been travelling.

Back in Indy.

Well... you can go and read this from Tam.  Remember when talking with folks that not everyone is an Alpha -level gunnie or what have you.   So be careful with your snark and ire.

Though there are are some targets of such beclownment that you can go after nice and easy.

Thank you, David Gregory.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your stunt is worth a thousand op-eds. In less than one minute of screen time, you demonstrated several things:
First, even “banned” magazines are ridiculously easy to acquire. How long did it take your producers to find that magazine? Five minutes? Ten minutes? There are millions upon millions of these cheap and easy-to-manufacture items in circulation, and “banning” them will have exactly the effects you so brilliantly demonstrated on national television.
Second, labyrinthine gun-control restrictions serve mainly to instantly (and often inadvertently) convert otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals. It’s a media-created myth that guns are largely unregulated in the United States. In fact, they’re so heavily and complexly regulated that it’s difficult for citizens to track jurisdictional differences or even sometimes to understand the laws in their own jurisdictions. 
Third, strict-liability gun offenses breed disrespect for the law. I tend to agree with your friends in the mainstream media — prosecuting you for holding an empty magazine in your hand would be a travesty of justice. You weren’t going to hurt anyone, you were merely using a prop for an argument, and — after all — the magazine was simply an inert hunk of metal. But the law is the law, and I’m sure you’ll agree that you should be treated exactly the same as any other (previously) law-abiding citizen caught with a similar item.

Via Glenn Reynolds

Meanwhile Feinstein does what Feinstein does best.   Oh and look, Senator-elect Joe Donnelly is now open to gun control.  Funny that.    On the upside calling him doesn't hurt.  Will it do anything?  Who knows.

But the call is cheap and quick and it at least gives his minions some idea.

And Robb Allen reminds us why showing up is so important:

Look, I know Feinstein’s bill has as much chance at passing as the Democrats proposing a bill stating that the US recognizes Socialism as a failed policy, but remember – they’ll float the most outrageous bills in order to make other bills seem tame in comparison. I also see that the narrative isn’t cooperating and that more people are wondering about the mental health system than they are about gun bans, but that’s still not much consolation.
At our Florida Carry meeting last weekend, while I wasn’t there for the whole call the one part we did discuss sent chills down my spine. The anti’s are working overtime, behind the scenes. They are in your representative’s offices, bending their ears. Certain members of other nation-wide firearms groups mentioned that they’ve never seen this much coordination and effort by the anti’s ever (and this certain person has been around since the National Stone Club Association).

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Bill of Rights isn't pick and choose.

As Penny Arcade shows.  I can't argue with their conclusion.   Though I fear that many would be comfortable destroying the Second Amendment to "protect" the First.

Penny Arcade has done good work, look at their Child's Play charity, and their thing is to show that videogames are not the destruction of society.

Gamers do know a bit of the "special hell" that gunnies have.  Of having an interest in something frowned on by "upright society".   Sucks that they got it from the NRA too.

Sounds kinda familiar too?  What is gonna be the game community's response, eh?

Just because the murdering monsters play video games does not mean that the "video game community" is responsible, or that millions of players should be punished because of their interests.

It's like Huckabee blaming gays.  Yeah, why not, blame millions of Americans that did nothing wrong and broke no law.

The NRA really shot themselves in the foot.

Update: Here's an upside at least.   The NRA was not advocating a video game registration.  They were not talking about an Assaulting Game Ban, where games with 2 or more "heinous" features on a list would be banned.

But there you go,  now you can have people go after guns AND feel like they're defending the First Amendment.

Before this NRA presser the various webcomics (of the small survey I read) had not touched gun control.  And neither had Cracked.  Despite them doing it in the past. Now?  We'll see.

Obama's still on the Gun Ban drum.

Obama responds to his gun control petition. Sure he's light on the actual details but he wants his supporter to keep at it.  Nothing like a politician encouraging people to contact their reps and say "Something must be done!"  What exactly? Don't worry the details, Dear.

He also spammed those that signed the counter petition.   I found that out today.

This is why it behooves your to write and call your reps.  Because Obama's supporters are.

At the link, Allahpundit seems fairly convinced that the Dems won't get anything (save maybe something "modest") and that this is a short-term distraction and a long term albatross to hang around Republicans (in the see!  We could have DONE something but House Republicans were the Party of No!).

We'll see.   Again, it can't hurt to call in.  And here's some current poll data.  Could be worse.  We're still better than when Obama took office on the subject.

Well... on the upside...

The NRA didn't try to sell out gun owners by embracing "common sense" bans.  And they did hit the Gun Free School Zone nonsense.

On the downside they gave a rambling train wreck of violent videogames,  home abuse,  violence in the media and TSA for Tots.

From the comments on Tam's

Yrro said...

So... two questions

1) What's your favorite non-NRA gun rights lobbying organization I can go become a member of?

2) What can we do to let NRA leadership publicly know that that response was a bunch idiotic bullshit we don't agree with?

 Well you can write them here.  Or call them at the same link.

Tam's advice?

1) I'm sending money to the SAF right now.
2) I will upgrade my membership if the NRA ashcans Wayne. 

 That's my plan.

So yeah, keep writing.  And look into the Second Amendment Foundation.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Today we call.

I just got back from a very nice chat with the Indianapolis office of Senator Dan Coats.

Was polite and pleasant, and the secretary even agreed with the "Guns don't kill people, evil people do line." And from talking with her it sounded like the phones were rather busy on this subject.

Here's the thing,  calling up, writing, and sending letters has little marginal cost. And it can't hurt. Also you get used to it pretty quick.  I was more nervous on my call yesterday, and today I got into the swing of things.

Be polite, be firm, be happy, and be calm.

So again, call, write, email.  Make your presence known.   There's some great examples on what you can say and themes you can have. Here.  And as always concrete action is far better than moping.

More you can do if you have a gun shop or have friends that work in a gun shop.
And here's if you're in a gun club.

And there's also buying a gun and even getting your carry permit.   And there's also joining the GOA,  SAF, NRA, and your various state and local organizations.    I've already signed up for the SAF and my local organization.   I'm waiting on the NRA's statement on Friday.  If they don't squish I'll sign up for them too.

Edit: There's more than just waiting for.  Here's two links to go to where you can contact them.  Especially go if you're a member.  Tell them you don't want them to go down the path of appeasement.

And here's a pep talk from Robb Allen.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Blood Dancing: It's not just for Gun Grabbing anymore!

 Drudge juxtaposes:

Obama Uses Sandy Hook Massacre to Push Tax Hikes...
'Should Give Us Some Perspective'...
Team Obama raising money off shootings...

Such a lovely fellow.

 BIDEN 2008: 'Barack Obama ain't taking my shotguns'... HARRY REID 2010: 'I Carried a Gun Every Place I Went'... Obama taps Biden to lead gun grab...

And also from Drudge
SENATOR: 'I'm so proud of the NRA'...
Well at least Manchin is being forced to say he's walking back and doesn't want any bans.
The heat from the our side must have been hot enough to get that, otherwise he would not have bothered.

And this GALLUP: Americans want focus on police, mental health, video violence over 'assault weapon' ban...

Though that number's still higher than I'd like.  And has a ban of semi-automatic rifles too.

Pressure can work.  Keep at it and keep vigilant.  And there's more you can do.

Things to Do.

Well first,  get into contact with your congress critters. Do that today.  As Robb Allen says Write today. Call tomorrow. Show up next week

I just did.  Didn't take long.  Especially since both Robb and Sebastian have come up with great starts to the letters you can write.  Roberta has more advice.

Writing and calling is a very important first step.  Sure there's more you can do, but this is quick and easy to do.  And it helps contribute to the pressure these folks should be feeling.

Here's what I've done so far.

Future Sen: IN-2 Joe Donnelly I could not find an email contact but he has a phone number: 202.225.3915.
IN-4  Todd Rokita

You can find webpages of your congressmen and senators here.

Contact even if your representative is an anti.  And contact adjacent reps if you can.

Because Obama and the rest of the Gun Grabbers are moving.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Data Result: 200 Protest the NRA HQ in DC

I mentioned yesterday that the Progressives were going to protest the NRA HQ.

And that this would show the depth of their organizational skills and the amount  of warm bodies they could bring in.

So the antis had their protest...  of the NRA,  in DC  after a massacre like that... and they got: 200 people to show up. That's the number the HuffingtonPost gave.

 We'll see if they could get it to be larger with more time to prepare.

Fortunatly for the media, it's enough to report that there was a protest.  Though they would have loved it if the numbers were bigger, they can work with that.  Note how tight in all these camera angles are.

Update:  Fox says it was only 100 or so.  Take that for what you will.

A balanced article from.... The Daily Beast?

Yeah,  no great gunnie has something rather clear eyed and good. It walks through the points and the state of law.  Such as what is and is not already banned (machine guns, armor piercing bullets ect).  And with a shocking admission that: "There's Little We Can Do to Prevent Another Massacre."

But there are a couple errors.

The writer  is a bit wrong on revolvers intrinsically having greater recoil than other pistols.  Though that could be seen as a quibble because the slide action does absorb some of the recoil.

The bigger is that she's okay with banning magazines that have more than ten rounds.  However, she does admit that: "Reducing the magazine sizes seems modesly more promising, but only modestly. It takes a few minutes of practicing to learn how to change a magzine in a few seconds." And that such a ban would "in no way prevent people from going on murderous rampages."

So a bit of magical thinking there.

Though she does get to the core of the issue.

Which leaves us with the extreme solutions, of which three seem to be on the table: prevent the media from mentioning the names of the killers, institutionalize more of the mentally ill, and ban all guns in private hands.  The largest problem with all three is that they are so wildly unconstitutional as to be hardly worth discussing.  But those who are willing to say "pass an amendment" should consider the other, practical problems.
 That leaves us with the big one, the argument I've been circling around for 2,000 words: ban guns. Ban them all.   
I'm not going to insult your intelligence by arguing that this wouldn't work.  Guns do not create homicidal intent, as some people have argued, but they do make homicidal intent more lethal.  A bullet is harder to stop, requires less physical strength to deploy, and does a huge amount of damage.  And shooting someone takes a lot less time than stabbing or bludgeoning them.  That is why we now arm the US military with rifles instead of big knives.  Conservatives who argue that a total ban wouldn't lower the homicide rate are being ridiculous.   
America would still have a higher homicide rate than anywhere else, because for whatever reason, America is an incredibly violent place.  

So I'll merely point out what Jeffrey Goldberg has already said, better and at greater length, in The Atlantic: the discussion is moot.  You can't ban guns.  That ship has sailed.

You can't ban them because the Supreme Court has now ruled, twice, that you can't.  You also can't ban them because there are hundreds of millions of guns in circulation in the United States--no one knows exactly how many, but we are either approaching, or well past, one gun per adult citizens.  Other countries that banned guns started with a less absolutist attitude towards civil liberties, and also, a lot fewer guns.    
We don't know where any of those guns are.  So how would we get them?  House to house searches?  I keep getting these mailers from the ACLU saying that whatever administration is currently in power is "gutting" the fourth amendment, but the old girl still has a little life in her--enough to preclude any such measures.  At best, you would take guns away from the people least likely to use them: the folks law abiding enough to trundle down to the police station and dutifully surrender their weapons.   
And that's assuming that you can get to the point of banning guns.

There is just, as Mark Kleiman notes, "no way to get there from here".  And the more you push for a ban, the more pushback you get on lesser gun control measures--the reason the NRA has so vociferously opposed gun registration is that they (correctly) suspect that VPC and its fellows would like to ban guns, and use those lists to confiscate the ones currently in circulation.   For the same reason that pro-choicers resist "leaving the issue to the states" or "reasonable restrictions", opponents of gun control feel they need to hold the line as far back as possible.  They are not wrong to worry about a slippery slope; that is what the other side is hoping for.  

Read it all.  See even gets in about how people with Concealed Carry permits are "the sort of people who are vanishingly unlikely to commit a crime with it." Or that " we can't even keep whole people from being smuggled across [our border with Mexico]. How are we going to make sure that they don't bring guns with them?"

She even has views on the gunnie side and supports the idea of fighting back, but doubts it'll happen.
Would it work?  Would people do it?  I have no idea; all I can say is that both these things would be more effective than banning rifles with pistol grips.   
But I doubt we're going to tell people to gang rush mass shooters, because that would involve admitting that there is no mental health service or "reasonable gun control" which is going to prevent all of these attacks.  Which is to say, admitting that we have no box big enough to completely contain evil.

But she guess that the "we have to do SOMETHING" crowd will get their blood.

Quote of the Day: Prohibition.

On bans:
‎"Here’s the fact – bad people are going to have guns. And if you’ve ever smoked a joint, you are disqualified from arguing that prohibition works."

The kind of police powers required to make guns harder to get in the US than pot would make this country a blushing police state. Recall that there's already more than 300 million guns in the country, that we have wide open borders that are already subject to considerable smuggling, and that firearms themselves are simple enough to make.

Here's more on the immense logistical hurdles on what it would take to fully ban guns in the US.

Not that they couldn't try to do it by inches. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Data Coming in On Monday.

So the progressives plan to march on NRA HQ tomorrow.  Well, this will show how many warm bodies they can pull in on their home turf in DC with all their organizational skills.

Will be an interesting barometer as to how many people they can draw  to show... how many people they can draw.

Interesting times.  

Take in the comments here. What we know is that they're gonna propose something bad, and it's gonna get ugly.  A question is how deep is their support.   And how deep is ours.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mr A... *against* blood dancing?

It looks that way. He had this to say yesterday:

So the forum I go to is has a  thread called  "[New School Shooting] Can we get finally get fucking serious about gun control now?!" Goddamned fucking liberals.
Emphasis added. Yeah, that's the champagne socialist swearing about liberals. That's a man that uses the term "rapepublicans" angry at the blood dancing. To be fair, he also hates feminists, hippies, and environmentalists. 

And then someone else pointed out: "The guy walked in with the most basic guns. Even a 22 would have done the job.  No control even touches that."

To which Mr. A went: "Yup." And proceed to bitch about blood dancing and talk about how he wants to troll that gun control thread. This is from a guy who thinks May Issue is a good idea and that it isn't abused.

And part of it is that he hasn't tried to get a carry permit in a May Issue state.  He doesn't have friends who have tried either.  So he can hold onto his illusion that May Issue isn't a corrupt collusion of the police and the powerful.

But what he does have is friends that have bought guns and have gotten Shall Issue state permits. He also has some familiarity with firearms and, broadly speaking, the federal laws on who is a prohibited person.

So he knows it wasn't a "machine gun"  and that when it comes to killing small children, just about anything, even a knife would do the job.

This does show that the cultural leads the political. Mr. A hates conservatives (and much of the Liberals too) but he knows just enough about firearms to realize that the Gun Grabbers are wrong.  That what they are saying is moronic.

This is a guy that is overtly hostile to the First Amendment and Due Process. Who thinks that a big gulp ban is a good idea. And even he isn't buying the "We have to ban the Assault Weapons" tripe.   Part of this is due to the demystification of guns.  The antis depend on people being emotional and afraid. and ignorant (both of the legal situation and crime statistics).  

And that's why he's so angry at the Antis. It hurts his side. Mr. A wouldn't vote against a gun controller Democrat, but he knows that other people would.

The Formula.

 It never changes.  What do all these events have in common?

  • A prohibited person
  • carrying a firearm without a permit
  • into a gun free zone
  • with intent to commit a serious crime
  • who is immediately stopped when someone else with a gun shows up.
  • It holds here.  The mutant here was under 21 (so no legally buying a handgun or getting a CCW), was rejected when he tried to buy a rifle, and murdered his mother and stole her guns.

    And via Tam, here's another formula that doesn't change.

    Friday, December 14, 2012

    Handgonne Raffle: The Loot!

    Remember, it was more than just a 50 caliber handgonne that was up for grabs.

    There was also a full fun-kit to use the thing:

    That's the bullet starter, the lube,  patches,  bullets,  buckshot and some fine shot,  fuse, powder measure, lighters,  a lag screw (secret!),  and a powder horn.

    Not pictured the black powder (that's shipping separately) and a ramrod with accessories (I found a better one than the one I was planning to give).

    Congrats on winning ACS!

    And thanks to everyone who donated and everyone who helped organize, collate, promote, and run this and the other raffles.

    And in more "cheer" here's something about the moon.

    No one under 40 has ever seen humans set foot on the moon.

    Forty years since we as a species have gone beyond Earth Orbit.  Soon it'll be half a century.

    Contrasting posts.

    Jay G on the one hand and Sebastian on the other.

     Expect dancing in the blood of these children - it's all the anti-freedom folks have. But to my freedom loving friends, remember that today is not the day for "Arm all the teachers" or "Gun free zones kill people". Be better than the ghouls today. Respect the dead. Mourn. Be human. Cry.


     As gun owners, if we could just experience the grief and sorrow along with the rest of the country, instead of having it intruded upon by that impending feeling of doom about what the media, the politicians, and the people in society who don’t much care for civilian gun ownership are going to do to our lives, liberty and often times livelihood? If we could go through something like this without worrying how much we’re going to be the scapegoats? I know that’s the thought that’s been crossing my mind as this entire horror story is playing out in the media. I don’t want to think about or deal with politics right now, but that’s precisely what I have to start getting ready for if I don’t want to risk that America, and the politicians who claim to represent her, in their rashest and most impulsive worst instincts, pass a knee jerk law that will overnight turn many Americans into instant felons. There are times I believe we all deserve a break from politics. This is one of them, but we will never get it.

    And then Sebastian has more grim news. This is exactly what the antis have been waiting for.  And yes  consider the morality of a group that licks their chops at something like this happening.

    "Because that's where the money is."

    That  was  Willie Sutton's answer to why he robbed banks.

    On a related note if the question is: "Why attack schools?"

    "Because that's where the children are."

    As a bonus it's also an area where, aside from a visiting cop, no one has the tools to fight back, and very few have the inclination.

    Edit:  This is horrific and that's the point. And we should morn the dead. The people that do this want the infamy.

    And as China has repeatedly shown, even in an attack today,  banning guns won't stop someone from going into a school and causing a couple dozen casualties.  Again "that's where the children are".

    Don't expect this to stop the antis.  They think they can make this America's  "Dunblane"

    Edit:  This from Glenn Reynolds: "Meanwhile, get ready for cynical attempts to push gun control on the back of a tragedy, again. As William S. Burroughs once said, “After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it.” "

    But Freiheit and Robb Allen on GBC have hit on a larger point:

    RobbAllen; RTBAV?
    Freiheit; refuse to be a victim
    RobbAllen; Got it
    Freiheit; NRA program, teaches you not to be condition white, lock your shit up, that kind of thing
    RobbAllen; At this moment, Freiheit has changed my perspective. I don't give a fuck about the calls for gun control. I'm pissed. I want calls to teach kids to NOT LAY DOWN AND DIE
    Like how the antis are not just anti-gun.  The problem here is not just the calls for gun control.  Again, China has a major problem of mass-casualty knife rampages in schools.

    Added: Bad things will happen, monsters do exist.  And people should be prepared for it.  This is tragic, horrific and frightening, and that's what makes large gatherings of children such a prime target.

    As Freiheit says:  "Being armed is only one facet of being safe. It's a prepared response to risk of being attacked. However being aware of your surroundings, physical location security and similar strategies pay off more than being armed."

    Wednesday, December 12, 2012

    We're going to need a bigger test chamber...

    Yes, it's cheesy, and yes that's Ellen McLain playing a very familiar voice. I mean geeze... the contdown alone.

    And the winner is....

    A fine gentleman named ACS! 

    I talked with the fellow and informed him of the prize package, which is being put together now.

    And as a bonus this is his and his family's first foray into the wonderful world of black powder. And I can hardly think of a better starter.

    Once more  I'd like to thank Speer for his generous donation, Erin for organizing the care packages and drumming up support for this raffle whenever possible, Old NFO and JayG for running herd on all us cats,  Jennifer for keeping all the donations straight, and of course all of you who donated, organized raffles, and sent in care packages.  

    You all came through for Tam.

    I'll put up the total from Jennifer when she gets back.   And of course I'll put up some photos as the package gets together.

    Total raised by raffling off the Handgonne and kit:  $400

    Thanks again everyone!

    Monday, December 10, 2012

    Last day.

    The  handgonne raffle will close at midnight tonight.

    This is your last chance.  Click here or scroll down if you're interested in getting in on these last few hours.

    Sunday, December 9, 2012

    One day left

    Sorry for the delay,  but check the preceding post.

    You've got this evening and tomorrow and that's it for the Handgonne kit raffle for Tam.

    Good luck.

    Saturday, December 8, 2012

    Handgonne Raffle: Last 2 Days.

    As you know,  the last stretch goal has been met now no matter what the winner of the Handgonne Drawing will get it all.

    The 50 caliber handgonne  and a full kit including:
    A supply of 50 call bullets, miscellaneous shot,  patches, lube and fuse, A ramrod, lighter, touch hole pick, and powder measure, ans finally: a powder horn and two pounds of 3F black powder (shipping restrictions apply).

    Currently we're at $350 in donations, which is amazing.  Again I'd like to thank Erin for organizing the care packages and drumming up support for this raffle whenever possible, Old NFO and JayG for running herd on all us cats,  Jennifer for keeping all the donations straight, and of course all of you who donated.

    Contact if you have donated to both projects.

    And to repeat: To get entered into this contest, go to Tam's place and donate. When you fill out your donation and forward the e-mail receipt you get to Jennifer at with the code  JACK  want in the subject line.

    Context closes Monday!


    Started the day with a nice brunch of bacon and homemade waffles with honey (make the waffles in a batch and then freeze the leftover ones for later use)  and then watched the latest MLP:FIM

    Got a new Trav game to play that I've really been looking forward too.

    But before that had a little intermission:

    Some George T. Stagg and a pipe with a blend of Sunrise and Jaberwoky and a good book.

    Nice way to pass a bit of a cool, wet, afternoon.

    And now to work on a lil' venison steak for a light dinner.

    Friday, December 7, 2012

    Another sign zombies have jumped the shark.

    When you have folks like this picking up on it.

    When Z list internet folks that comment on the strange news pick it up,  yeah it's reached saturation.

    I know the vast majority of gun owners into the whole zombie thing take it as a joke or like Zombie Squad as a metaphor.   Though there are shirts like this.

    Interesting thing is even on a show with a guy who's "neutral" and a self-proclaimed  Northeast Liberal woman they don't go on about people buying guns for protection. No they're gobsmacked at people wanting protection against imaginary threats, like zombies or goat suckers.

    This also shows how culture has an effect.  Where these people aren't gunnies but they have some knowledge of the terms.

    Course these are the same guys that don't realize how a hatchet could be drug paraphernalia. Like say a peace pipe.  Though that does raise the question of why wouldn't any other pipe be drug paraphernalia

    Though they do take exception to this story, in last week's episode.

    Guy in line on Black Friday gets punched in the face,  pulls out a gun, doesn't fire, but people scatter.  Cops are called and say the guy is within his rights, and he gets his gun back (if unloaded). And of course those two complained about "overreaction", while ignoring the whole assault to the face.

    But three interesting things  their main complaint was well.  Rule 4 violation.  Risk of a bystander getting hit.  Which is a legitimate concern.

    The other was that the two hosts on that little show didn't put 2 and 2 together.  Unlike my link, they said that the guy got his gun back and in either report the cops pressed no charges.  They never outright went "Huh, the cops said what he did was legal and within his rights. How odd."

    And finally, like with the first link, there wasn't the knee-jerk reaction against people arming themselves or carrying.   It is a bit hard to go "Why would you ever need a gun when shopping?"  when talking about a story where a guy got physically assaulted and had to defend himself.

    Hoyt: Ungovernable

    So Sarah Hoyt (also started reading DarkShip Renegades today, so good so far), takes an idea similar to Whittle's  in her essay about the US being Ungovernable.

    When people’s lives are made impossible, they find ways to live.  This was true, even in Portugal in the seventies, with a  flourishing black market and most regulations ignored.  How much more true will it be here, at the first signs of true pinching? 
    Or take Greece or Italy where cheating on your taxes is considered a national pass-time and every business does a bit of shady work and black and grey markets are just a part of life.

    Just look at the attempts to force an online sales tax on the US citizens will go. The more they post, the more illegitimate and most of all the more incompetent their laws are the more people will shrug and ignore them.   Know anyone that's pirated a movie or a book or a game? Even if it's a game they already own?

    And Hoyt also takes a similar stance as Whittle to remind people that the government is not the country.  A distinction Statists are naturally opposed to.

    So…  after sixty years of creeping statism, they’ve now “captured the flag” – they have actually got all of the important systems sewn up: news, entertainment, education, government.
    They think – can you blame them? – that they won. 
    I won’t say they can’t hurt us.  They can.  The mechanisms they’ve seized hold of are important and they are – natch – misusing them. 
    I’m not saying that this will be easy.  It won’t.  Our economy is likely to be an incredible shambles, and I’ve said before I think we’ll lose at least one city. 
    But, listen, the problem with these sons of… Babel is that they might be American, but they’re not American ENOUGH.  If they were, they’d understand “ungovernable” and this willingness for each of us to go it alone (often for common benefit, but on own recognizance, nonetheless) is not a bug.  It’s a feature.  And that it’s baked in the cake of a people who came here to escape the top-down spirit of other places.  Some of the black sheep (or as one friend of mine calls it, the plaid sheep) attitude is genetic, hereditary, inborn.  And enough of us have it. 
    Push harder and we escape harder, through crevices they don’t even know are there.  Forbid us from making a living, and we’ll find a way to go around you.  Make it impossible to defend ourselves, and I shudder to think what some of my friends and neighbors will come up with.  Make the economy impossible, and we’ll create another one you can’t reach.  Make regulations too binding and we’ll either ignore them or – more likely – creatively subvert them.
    They captured the flag, and they think they captured the nation.  It’s the type of mistake that the bureaucratic mind makes.

    And as she points out earlier,  there's no where else for us to go.  So why not?  It's not like there's a choice.  And our "social betters" will always exempt themselves anyway.

    Though they'll get off easier when they flout the laws they put on the rest of us, because they've got good intentions.

    Like how Mr. A will rant about the need for strict Federal food safety controls, but is all about going to a Farmer's market and buying "natural" beef.  Not to mention his enjoyment of pot.    Remember, you can trust the police to pick and choose who can carry a gun, but not who should go to prison or who gets to use drugs!

    Tuesday, December 4, 2012

    Reasons for May Issue

    Know how it's really, really hard to get a New York City Carry permit?

    Turns your you're wrong.

    Had a"fascinating" conversation with Mr. A.    The topic went to May Issue versus Shall Issue.

    At first he seemed sensible, going on about how most of the nation was Shall Issue and the subject seemed settled.  Sure if you happen to live in the 40 states with Shall Issue...

    But most of the country has migrated to shall-issue over the last 15 years. Isn't this kinda an old, mostly solved issue?

    Those of you that have heard these Mr. A stories know the other shoe will drop.  Well first he claimed it was all by the courts, when in reality CCW was by legislature.

    Whatever, minor.  But then then I pointed  when I pointed out how a regular Joe can't get a permit in  NYC, Boston, San Fran, LA, New Jersey, or Hawaii (for an incomplete list).  He challenged me.

    And this shows a couple interesting things.

    1) It's hard to get an "unbiased" source showing how May Issue works. 

    Mr. A complained and wanted non "right wing" sources on this.

    And what I found was more indirect. Yes I have personal experience living in NY and NJ to draw on.  And know people who live in Massachusetts, but getting the data to show it is hard.

    Sure there's Emily Miller's tale of how hard it is to get a gun (legally) in DC, but that's not carry.

    And there's the obvious factor that in strict May Issue areas only celebrities and the rich can get permits.

    The NYPD charges a nonrefundable $340 to file an application for a gun permit and between $94 and $106 for the collection of fingerprints, even before a background check is begun.
    Gun permits aren't easy to get.
    "The NYPD is extremely thorough in their investigation," said divorce lawyer to the stars Raoul Felder, who also has a permit to carry. "In other states, you fill out a form, swear you are not a lunatic and you get it."

    Easy if you got connections!  But that doesn't directly show how much denial there is.  Sure it obliquity points out that the permits aren't easy to get, and yet celebrities keep getting them.  And  over 300 bucks for the chance to get a permit?  Screw you poor people!

    And there's that the Sullivan Law itself says

    To qualify under New York's licensing laws, the applicant has to show “a special need for self protection distinguishable from that of the general community or of persons engaged in the same profession.” 

    That struck. That directly says some people are above the "general community".
    But what gets to me is that it was hard to find data showing that, yeah,  May Issue does deny people their rights.

    This is despite, on the face, it being obvious.  The only point of May Issue is to empower the police to deny permits to people who are not prohibited persons.  Therefore May Issue only acts as a restrictive agency or as de facto Shall Issue.

    2) Mr. A thinks May Issue favoritism is an NRA conspiracy.

    Needless to say, Mr A didn't believe it. Sure celebrities can get gun permits in NYC, and sure those permits are very expensive and selective, but that doesn't mean the police will deny you if you're a normal guy.

     He could not conceive of a "recorded, proven pattern of people being unreasonably and/or illegally denied CCW permit."

    Note that under May Issue such a pattern would be legal. Which is.. better?  It's an interesting blindspot.  He doesn't see giving the police such a power as inviting abuse.Thus he doesn't see abuse under May Issue happening.  

    Mind, this is also a guy who immediately before this was complaining about how the Politicians, Police, and Justice System conspire to arrest blacks in greater numbers for voter suppression.  

     So he is someone that knows his conspiracy theories when he criticizes the idea that May-Issue States frivolously deny permits:

    Honestly, it sounds like the sorta thing the NRA makes up from a couple anecdotes and mostly whole cloth
    Get that?  You wanna get a carry permit in NYC or San Fran?  You can! 

    Massachusetts residents you don't need to consult this map to make sure you'll have to move before you can get a permit. (Link here) Nope! It's all a clever ruse.

    Anyone who says otherwise is part of the NRA conspiracy.  Consider the enormity of such a conspiracy.   Every gun owner in an anti-gun state or who had ever been in an anti-gun state would have to have been in on it.

    He thinks that Regular Jane gun owner in Boston can get a carry permit, but instead chooses not to in order to be part of the conspiracy.

    But due to a lack of exposure and a regrettable lack of easy evidence, he's able to support this delusion. Because hey, only right wing gun owners complain about it.  And most of them don't even live in those states.

    3) Mr. A has scary views on police power.

    Now one wonders if he'd even support May-Issue.  Even absent any abuse, the only purpose would be to deny rights to those without due process.   So does he support May-Issue?

    Of course!
    "May Issue is a pretty reasonable position."

    Now square that with the above where he says CCW is  "mostly solved" issue. An why does he think the police should have the power to deny a right?  Well he went into the "people who have committed violent crimes" (Can't getone under Shall Issue) and "people who have serious, long term mental disorders" (again see Shall Issue).

    But then he went with a real gem.  Something that yes,  Shall Issue would not cover:

    "because you're a scumbag and everyone knows it" is a very good reason, but rarely one that can be legislated into effect
    Get that?

    Your rights can and should be abridged if "everyone knows" you're a scumbag. Or at least the police know. They don't even have to prove it in a court of law.

    Again, not just anti gun.

    Monday, December 3, 2012

    That was a nice warm day...

    Not sure how many more we'll get, but it was handy while it lasted.

    Used the chance to get in some running.  Much better than last year when my stamina was 50% less and I stopped in early November.

    And now some Italian Sausages from the Freshmarket, cooked up in bacon fat with fresh garlic, and a red and white pearl onion, crushed bay leaf,  cumin, cayenne pepper, and black pepper.

    Brown on the stovetop in the fat/oil/butter/ect.  Then put in the oven to finish cooking.   Cast iron pans help but anything with an ovensafe handle works too

    Accompanied with some spinach and fresh Italian bread and Irish butter.

    It's all about the portions.

    Saturday, December 1, 2012

    Stretch Goal 3 MET!

    The final stretch goal has been beaten.

    So now no matter what the winner of the Handgonne Drawing will get it all.

    You'll get a Jackalope Rifle Company 50 caliber handgonne  and a full kit including:
    A supply of 50 call bullets, miscellaneous shot,  patches, lube and fuse, A ramrod, lighter, touch hole pick, and powder measure, ans finally: a powder horn and two pounds of 3F black powder (shipping restrictions apply).

    That's not to say we're done.  There's still ten more days and if you donate now, you'll get a chance to win everything you need to use this beautiful handgonne.

    But there's also other raffles that are still going on.  And of course there's Erin's Tamaralanch care package project.  Where if you contribute to that *and* get tickets for this raffle your ticket count will go up by 50%.

    Contact if you have donated to both projects.

    I'd like to thank Speer for donating the handgonne,  Erin for organizing the care packages and drumming up support for this raffle whenever possible, Old NFO and JayG for running herd on all us cats,  Jennifer for keeping all the donations straight, and of course all of you who donated.  However much you donated and whatever you donated.

    "We do what we must / Because we can."

    Another revealing bit of Mr. A

    Well color me shocked.   Mr. A is vehemently anti Israeli too.

    In response to this article.  He went went in with this:
    Nazi Israel rolls like that. Ya know.. whether its ten years or fifty, Israel is gonna get nuked to shit. Too many motivated states and non-state actors that they just can't stop antagonizing
    Yeah, when your very existence is antagonizing....  

    And also note how casual the oh-so-progressive and tolerant fellow both Goodwins and shrugs off a Nuclear Holocaust.

    And note that Hamas'  repeated, deliberate, and recent rocket barrages against civilians was just shrugged off.  But Israel wants to build somewhere they've held for nearly half a century?  Well that'll get 'em nuked.

    I almost wish I had asked him if he thinks Iran is working on a nuclear bomb. And if that was even, you know, a bad thing.   But he's revealed quite enough without me having to say a word.

    Like how the Republicans are the real villains here:
     There was progress, grudging but steady.. after 2000 I feel like a lot of the problem was the republican administration's blank check to Israel to do wtf-ever they wanted, which was even more so after 9/11. It used to be the U.S. was something of a check on the worst right-wing tendencies of Israel.
    Meanwhile this is the contested piece of land. Just for reference.

    The old hates are always so comfortable aren't they?  Especially if you can wrap yourself in the flag of your moral superiority.  Hungary's getting the old boots out of the closet too.