Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cracked: Nobody wants to ban guns, but look at how awesome a country with no guns is!

Cracked has an article about UK policing.

Which goes about as well as you think.

Amusing that #2 is a "Oh sure we have thousands of armed cops in London, but there's no armed cops!"

And a lot of the article is ignoring how rare US police use their weapons.

Or that people in the UK can own some guns.  But hey, handguns are banned.

Also...... in the comments.

Here's a hint.  If the article is about a "kinder, gentler and deescalating" form of policing when someone asks "well how would they ban guns in the US?"  maybe you shouldn't go "They'll send the Army after gun owners."

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Cracked: Homemade weapons are Awesome, but scary, ban guns!

That's pretty much the tone of this article. I'm not sure what's more amusing.

That even in an article about cool (if dubious) homemade weapons Cracked can't get in a swipe at US gun laws.

Americans already have almost stupidly easy access to the best and most effective supervillain weapons of all time -- guns. But we're not talking about the cute little guns you might use to shoot up tin cans or kill a celebrity lion. We're talking about guns that blow a hole in time and space.

Or that the only guns in the article. Are.... black powder guns, homemade black powder canons... and.... shotguns.

Yes. Despite having a picture of a guy holding a mini-gun there's not a single self-loading firearm in this list.

And the only cartridge weapon are ones that even people int he UK and Japan can own.

Oh I know! Almost all of hte weapons on this list (except for the shogtuns) are ones people can (and did) build AT HOME. Which was the whole point of the article.

So.... think Craked will keep this in mind next time they demand more gun control?