Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New Cracked Same as the Old Cracked.

One would wonder given the massive layoffs Cracked recently had if that would cause a change in tone.

Maybe they wouldn't be stridently, demandingly pushing a sense of righteous outrage on things that offend their sensibilities?

Yeah, that hardly lasted two weeks.

Once again Cracked went to some old NRA footage. Familiar ground as they they did much the same in April of this year.

This time however instead of mocking some old NRA Ads, they went after an old tape of a Charlton Heston Celebrity Shoot.

And I mean go after,   every paragraph is pearl clutching and teeth gnashing. With constant outrage at people daring to enjoy shooting.

Note the sport shooting shown is all revolver cowboy shooting and double barrel shotgunning.

Cracked doesn't show a single image of a magazine fed weapon and they still find this offensive.

Keep it in mind when the publication tries to say it only wants "common sense" gun control.

If this writer gets the vapors over revolvers and cowboy single action revolvers, one wonders his reaction to weapon designs that aren't over 150 years old.

Still on the upside... it does show the NRA is more comfortable with "modern"  sporting weapons.

(Well...  Cracked now has a "Please Donate" button on the bottom of the article, so that's new)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Well.... that's a bold move for Cracked.

So....  looks like Cracked had a major layoff of writing talent.
That's a lot of names of their main writers that are... gone.

I guess this explains why every fortnight or so they had a "Wanna Write for Cracked! It's totes awesome yo!" article.

Via Erin who pointed this out to me.

We'll see what brave new world this opens up for Cracked and their articles....