Friday, October 24, 2014

Blood Dancin'? Why they haven't even cleared the scene yet.

Not that that will stop these ghouls.

What makes this school shooting interesting is that it's happening in a state that has a Private Sale Ban on the ballot.

And thus we have  DR710's comment (at noon) within hours of the shooting.

let's guess he got the guns from his gun loving parents like the majority of school shooters. one less gun nut. too bad for the innocent victims. YES ON I594 NO ON 591

Wilson172 the majority of schools where shootings happened already had armed guards you moron. read the news instead of the NRA propaganda. wrap that tin foil hat a little tighter and get back in the basement loser. 

So...  a few things.    The grand hate and dehumanization is pretty standard.  And  his (paranoid) ire is at Wilson's suggestion that faculty or guards should be armed.  And is worried that this tragedy will be used to exploit for further gun control.  (Note that).

Now if one presumes DR710's comment that "majority of schools where shootings happened already had armed guard" is right that means DR wants to... what?  Disarm them?  Is he against guards that have had training, background checks and uniforms?  Why?  Why did DR go on about guards and not say that Wilson also wanted faculty armed.

I'd wonder if DR even has a source for this and if so does it have the casualties of when there was on-site armed response versus no on-site armed response?

But the main thing to note is this:   DR is presuming that the attacker in this case got his weapons from his parents.   And *yet* he is demanding that a bill be passed which would do nothing about that.  Even DR's  idealized assumption is that I549 would do nothing but he'll push for it anyway.

And then he dares to call Wilson paranoid for worrying about exactly what he is doing.