Monday, June 9, 2014

But it's not bad when the Federal Pork brings us things we like!

Well, I've seen another example of why Congress is so fucked up.

I've got a friend who's really into gay rights.  And unfortunately his Congressman is a real ball-buster "family values", traditional marriage scold.

You know those preachy guys who make your skin crawl?

And of course my friend isn't too fond of this guy.

But!  My friend is really big into municipal parks redevelopment.

Well guess what Congressman is pledging to bring in a few dozen million dollars of federal money to revitalize a major riverside park.

Now all of a sudden my friend likes this plan. Yes, when even a politician who you find ethically and morally reprehensible can bribe you with your own tax money....

And people wonder why incumbents keep getting reelected.
(Fair disclosure I may have swapped the issues and what is getting federal teat money.... or I may not).