Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cracked: Technology is scary! Ban all the things!

It's... always funny to see a supposed "technology" (and society and satire and humor)  publication clutch its pearls over new technology.

And this article  5 Scary Ways Technology Is Outrunning The Law is brimming with it.

Sure there's foot stomping over how things like files for 3D printed guns aren't banned, at least in the US. (Which ignores how utterly ineffective such a ban would be given other countries have tried to ban such files...)

The article is a bit sensible in that it admits such guns aren't terribly effective but then freaks out about how keys can be copied with a camera and 3D printers.

(Which is true, but ignores that most all locks are hilariously easy to subvert).

This is expected for an article that starts bemoaning an assassination attempt on Maduro and then going "well why didn't the US ban drones in response!"


After the drone-based assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro a few months ago, the public, press, and government demanded that immediate safeguards be put in place to protect Americans from the threat of tiny murder machines. Wait, our bad. It stayed in the news cycle for about as long as a celebrity DUI, and was treated with about as much gravitas, because "remote control robot murder in one of them foreign countries" doesn't excite our deadened imaginations.

Note... this is a publication that rants about the US goverment's flagrant use of "remote control robot murder in one of them foreign countries".

The bulk of the article is bemoaning loopholes,  lack of goverment power to " "redirect, disable, disrupt control of, seize, or confiscate, without prior consent" any drones that pose a potential danger",  and simple complaints that things which are already very illegal are getting  easier to do via tech advances.

Now... the strange part is that the list also...  goes on about support animals being abused by people claiming any old pet is a support animal.

Still.. this shows that Cracked isn't just anti gun but full on Luddite and literally begging for the state's bootheal because technology is scary.