Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ATT Illinois Gunnies: State Senate Ed

State Senate President Cullerton is in a pissing match with State House Speaker Maigan.

Cullerton is going kicking and screaming and not letting Maigan's bill advance.  Instead he's pushing his own even worse crap of law.  This is despite Maigan telling him no and an angry fight in Cullerton's own caucus.

So if you live in Illinois you really should contact your Senator and tell them No on HB 183, no on any magazine bans and yes on 2193 (see earlier arguments about the cliff and the like).

What the Senate wants to do is remove the good things that Maigan's bill had, especially the preemption.

Now those of you unfamiliar with Ill's machine politics may not grasp what Cullerton is doing.

Cullerton stormed out of the meeting a very unhappy camper, but when you’re going up against the guy who has been Speaker of the House for decades and rules with a pragmatic iron fist, it’s difficult to thwart the Speaker’s will.  Defying Madigan can be very “painful” for those who elect to do so.  In fact, speaking of elections, those who don’t follow Madigan’s wishes without a “pass” from him might face a difficult time at the next election.
That's the level of their hate.   As Sebastian points out in his own post.

Apparently, like Darth Vader, they appear to be altering the deal. I would work to kill anything worse than what they offered. What’s likely happening is they realized that while the previous offer wasn’t everything we wanted, it was strategically beneficial to us over the long term. They likely don’t find that acceptable. If you live in Illinois, call your Senators, and make sure they understand that you are not at all happy with this crap. Tell them to oppose Amendment 4 to HB183.

It’s been instructive watching this unfold, because it shows you how committed these people are to the hate. From a political standpoint, they’ve been backed into the corner by the federal courts, and not by us. You can always go back to constituents and tell them your hands were tied, and the court forced us to make those changes. Additionally, you can use weak gun laws forced on you by the courts to deflect blame for your own failures, as Philly politicians are expert at doing. Politically, this wouldn’t really hurt them, yet the obstinance continues. Why? Because they hate us.

 These are not the actions of a rational political player.   Even one that hates guns should bow to outside reality.   See Madigan for some semblance of that.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ATTN: Illinois Gunnies II

If you live in Illinois you'll need to turn up the heat even more.

As some Republicans are thinking they can be "moderate"  with a magazine ban and help vote it out of Exec committee.  Details here.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

ATTN: Illinois Gunnies

They're at it again.  This time with a magazine ban and a crappy may issue carry bill.

And as a special bonus the State Sen that's pushing this has a history of siccing the state police after people that dare call and complain to him. Especially if they're not in his distinct.

Meanwhile it's perfectly okay to fly in folks from Sandy Hook 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another chance to help Squeaky.

It looks like Squeaky will be needing surgery.

So any help you can give would be appreciated.

Via Erin.

Monday, May 13, 2013

ATTN Illinois and New Jersey Gunnies.

It looks like Illinois is at it again with trying to push a magazine ban.

Contact at the link.

Meanwhile New Jersey is doing what New Jersey does.  Sebastian has the raft of anti-gun bills they're eyeballing.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

ATTN: Arizona Gunnies II

It looks like Jeff Flake is staying with us.

It was reported by some media outlets today that I am changing my vote on Manchin-Toomey, and that I am somehow linking this vote to a vote on the internet sales tax.

Neither is true. I am not changing my vote on Manchin-Toomey (I voted against it). I voted against the internet sales tax as well. There is no connection between these two votes.

Via Bitter at Shall Not Be Questioned.  And who gives a bit of advice that you should take:  "Arizona gun owners should definitely let his office know that they appreciate his stance."

Contact him if you live in Az.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ATTN: Arizona Gunnies.

Looks like Senator Flake is living up to his name.

Right now he's hinting that next time he'll vote for a private sale ban in exchange for some "compromise" on an  internet sales tax... you know the sales tax that already passed the Senate.

You're gonna want to drop him a line.  Hell you should contact your senators regardless of where you live.

The antis are clamoring for another push, and the squishes are doing what they do best.  I said before: we can't go back to sleep.

Meanwhile the gov is doing the best it can to "hide the decline".

Friday, May 3, 2013

Boosting the Signal.

Want to help a family that lost all their possessions (but thankfully not their lives) in a fire?

A Girl of A Girl and Her Gun has the story.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Don't Fall Asleep: Keep Writing and Calling your Senator and Rep

In the Daily Beast Michael Tomasky is banging the drum of "Next time Gadget NRA, next time!"

And he's got a point in that Senators are notorious and if another private sale ban is waved under their noses enough may vote for it again.

There's also a lot of hurt ego, anger, and dissatisfaction at work.

Here Allahpundit looks at the mish mash of poling results.

People think gun laws should be more strict, they’re disappointed/angry about the Senate votes … and yet, when push comes to shove, they trust the Republicans who voted down those stricter laws more than they do The One himself. Hmmm. Here’s a theory: Although most of the public disagrees with the GOP position on Toomey/Manchin specifically, they’re so suspicious of the Democrats’ plans for more aggressive gun control (starting with an assault-weapons ban) that they prefer Republicans’ judgment on this issue generally — even at a moment when they’re on the other side of a particular gun-control proposal. 

Which is why it's important and vital for us to keep on our Senators.  Both with the carrot and the stick depending on how they voted.

There's a lot of factors at work for the antis talk of another gun control push:

  • As is his wont, Obama feels personally slighted. He demanded gun control and him not getting anything (even out of the Senate) is well...  just lookup Lèse-majesté
  • Punishment. The gun grabbers are working from a morality-play framework.  And gun owners, in general, and the NRA, in specific, need to be punished. That the law would be ineffective is irrelevant  That they go unpunished is another affront.
  • Stepping stones. Without a new Private Sale Ban / Background Registry there's no new set of exceptions to become the next set of loopholes.
  • And that ties to the Slippery Slope. Because a private sale ban wouldn't stop the next mass shooting, there will be another mass shooting. Thus the gun control law after the next one is already in the wings.
  • Closure.  Many people just want the government to "Do Something!"  They want the problem to go away, and if accepting the promises of liars in nice suits is what it takes to pretend that the problem has been solved than so be it.
  • It's what they do.  The statist desire to render the common man disarmed is evergreen.
So make sure your rep and Senators still know who you are.   

We're not out of the woods yet, and to be honest, we're still be in the badlands for a while.