Thursday, February 18, 2021

Cracked Bad Neighborhood myth

Numerous policing initiatives have come and gone over the years, one failing right after the other, like the infamous stop-and-frisk program implemented by then New York mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2003 that gave cops the power to search random "suspicious" people on the assumption that they might carry drugs or guns. As you could probably tell, most of these initiatives were steeped in racism, as critics often attacked programs like stop-and-frisk as unfairly punishing non-white people.

But surely, some of these programs had to be good, right? Not exactly. The controversial stop-and-frisk program actually did not result in much, if any, crime reduction. When the program expired, crime rates actually dropped, which sounds almost contradictory if you don't consider the fact that crime naturally decreases over time. Second off, a fair amount of arrests made by cops don't actually reduce crime that much or are actually false arrests. 

Now will other gun control programs and policies  result in racist enforcement by police?

If you think Bloomberg's Stop and Frisk is surely an Anomaly. Well... Bloomberg is a major donor and defacto boss of most of the Gun Control orgs in the US.  Or that his legal team helps write most of these laws

And it's not like the the last Federal Assault Weapon Ban was packaged with a mandatory minimum tough on crime law.

This is by the same Michael Dawson who nearly a month ago wrote Gun Control's Massively Racist History    Who made a credible case that Gun Control in the US is a racist, not just in it's far history but that the majority of current laws were made with a racist animus.