Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Cracked: Police, Guns, and the Dog that didnt' Bark

After a few months, Cracked finally has an article about guns and the police.

Specifically about how Police in Other Countries Treat Firearms.

Shocking from Cracked it's not how police treat armed citizens... it's how police treat their own guns.

There's not even a mention int he article about gun laws in the use for the public.

And this is from Dan Duddly, one of Cracked's more angry writers.

The most gun controlish is when he cites The Trace....
George Floyd did not die by a bullet. His cause of death was asphyxiation brought about by compression of the neck. Still, it could easily be argued that the officer who killed him, and the three other officers who prevented bystander intervention were empowered to do so because they were armed.

 And this end may hint....

I don't know whether the solution is to defund the police, disarm the police, abolish the police, or something else entirely. But we're clearly doing something wrong here, and it's all the more frustrating because everyone else seems to have figured it out already.

Though I suppose he avoids a reflexive demand for gun control because

1) the two examples he cites neither person killed was armed

2) any gun control would be enforced by the police.  So could be like Stop and Frisk or like the War on Drugs in general, where the police would be even further empowered to go after people,

3) the argument of "cops are trigger-happy racists who will kill unarmed minorities. Clearly they need to go around disarming minorities," is a bit.... tough.


4) This doesn't even get into how police departments are except from gun laws.  They can have high capacity magazines, assault weapons, even full on machine guns.  And officers are except from many laws for their personal weapons (safe handgun rosters, carry permits) which carries on after they retire from the force.

So when one of Craked's most prolific angry culture warrior writers can't bring himself to go after gun rights....