Monday, April 20, 2015

Well.... Mr. A is certianly *not* ready for Hillary.

Totally umprompted and just dropped into quite conversation...  Mr A gives this link:

Yes yes, it's about yet another book on Hillary scandals and dark money.
And then after a  few minutes of no one paying attention... follows up with

it'd be awfully nice if that train jumped the tracks early, made space for someone who didn't vote to invade iraq

Well....  that's not... angry eliminationist rhetoric.  Wait... it is. But it's okay because he's got the right politics.  I'd make a joke about "that's sexist" but to be honest... Mr. A is pretty sexist.

And yes, I know he's talking metaphorically with her campaign as at rain and hoping that a sufficient scandal will get rid of her.  And not actually wishing harm to her.

What's funny is there hasn't been a defense of Hillary from anyone else, only a sneering at  writers of the book calling them "breitbart and townhall writers..."

Maybe Roger L Simon is right when he says: "None of my liberal friends like to talk politics anymore.  They have nothing to say and it’s obvious why."

Course... this doesn't mean they won't line up and vote for her.    Do note that Mr. A's primary ire is not Hillary's actions themselves just that she is a sub-optimal candidate in his view.

Oh.... and I really should do a post on Taurus, now that I'm starting to feel better gain.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Movie History! Uh... Spooky Movie History.

Via Cracked.  Let's go into the crazy that is old pioneering movies.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Truly one of the most mechanically unusual pistols I have ever seen."

So... the weirdness *starts* with a gas actuated blow forward slide.

And no, it has a bolt that goes backwards.

This really is one of the most esoteric designs.  And shows the crazy creativity that came out of this period in firearms development.

As a bonus,  when your mag goes empty the gun spits it out.

Monday, April 6, 2015

The State Has a Monopoly on Force...

Or not.  I mean you don't have to obey,  you can always go to jail.  And being put in a facility where most all of your rights are removed isn't force at all!

Yeah... that's Sally Kohn's defense for public accommodation laws.

*sighs*   Look, when you say "there oughta be a law"  well...  that means you want armed men to take people away who flaunt said law.  If that makes you uncomfortable then maybe the law your advocating for isn't a wise idea?

And to use Sally Kohn's example... is she aware of what would happen if someone refused to buckle up in the officer's presence?   And then tried to drive away?  Or even got out of the car and walked off?  The cop won't just shrug and let you rabbit off.

Or maybe you act all peaceful, take the ticket, smile and buckle up.  And then you don't pay it.  And then you ignore the summons to court.  What does Sally Kohn think happens next?

And that rational is a really, really bad way to defend a law because....

Look, you want to defend public accommodation laws,  or maybe argue for expanding them because, while they've got flaws, they're's some loopholes that make them worse.  Go ahead.  You can make a good argument for that.   One can even make arguments against conscious exceptions.

But really  don't argue that laws aren't important because they're not really enforced.

Via Ace, who links to another bit of dumb.  (See its' the Right Wing's fault that Rolling Stone  got rolled and went all in on a story that turned out to be false.)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Kansas goes permit-less carry.

Keep moving that Overton window over.

Just helps show how absurd May Issue is.