Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I suppose this counts as.... Progress for Cracked.

Cracked decided to put up an article called.5 Ways The Modern World Makes Mass Murder Easier

With the url title: mass-shootings-are-popular-modern-life-isnt-helping

And it's all about how the sinister internet can, in their words: attract, incubate, and radicalize spree killers.  Shockingly for a publication that's all about catering to alternative internet people, the piece reads like a stodgy puritan grandma fretting about those kids on the Mychat.

Interestingly there is not a single word about how wall-to-wall media coverage could maybe give these loner misanthropes a, fleeting, chance to be the most talked about person in the country, and fling them from obscurity to becoming a household name.


There's also only a token mention of gun control towards the end.

Though... the article is worrying for what it implies as a solution is given how dangerous and sinister it portrays much of the anonymity, exchange of ideas, and unregulated community building the internet can allow.

But I'm sure people who are contemptuous of the 2nd Amendment (the article ends with a link to a vid Cracked did about how wonderful Australasia's mass confiscation was) are totally okay with the First.