Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Cracked: Ignorant Fear-mongering spawns Racist and Easily-circumvented Weapon Bans

Only for Martial Arts weapons of course.

Cracked has an article about how bans on martial arts weapons are  spun up by fear-mongering media,  racism, and other absurdities (like what is the point of banning something that a person could easily make in their garage), and actually don't make any increase in safety....  

And despite talking about how guns and knives are common.  They make no connection... not even to gun laws, but no connection to knife laws either.

Because it's not like gun or knife laws might have a similar racist motivation to passing them or enforcing them.  Wonder why switchblades and butterfly knives are illegal in some areas?

For a bonus about a week ago, Cracked was gushing about how cool flamethrowers were....  after a guy got on a bus and started randomly shooting fire into the air,  and then talked about how it was cool that they were legal, and were only banned in 2 states.  They then proceeded to implore their readers to buy them.

There is no requirement for people to be consistent.