Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ATTN: Virginia Gunnies

Bloomberg's decided to give over a million dollars to McAuliffe for ad buys in the final two weeks of the race.

Add in  Gabby Gifford's PAC constantly sending out mailer and McAuliffe  saying he want to ban magazines, ban private sales, and limit people to one gun a month...

well, you're looking at a big, big gun grabber reaching for that brass ring.

What's interesting is that McAuliffe  as a more than comfortable lead,  given his war-on-women push and that Cuccinelli is a woeful candidate.   One wouldn't think he'd want to let the cat out of the bag on him being a gun grabber,  then again he's a DC fixer from NY so those Bloomberg bucks are appealing.

Then again, what better way for Bloomberg to puff up his ego then come long near the finish line and gloat about how he "saved'  McAuliffe.

Edit:  Read the comments to get an idea that it's not Cuccinelli-boostering.   As it's more god-what-an-insufferable-nanny  Bloomberg is.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ruger Single-Ten and Wolff Spring kit

Okay.  The Wolff 30oz spring kit worked wonders for my Ruger Single-Ten.    If you have one or any of the Ruger Single-Six family (or any Ruger single action) I'd strongly recommend you look into it.

The range officers at Iggle Crik agreed too.   Had a funny conversation too.

Range Officer 1:  Normally when I see someone roll their shoulders and knees and do the little "range" dance before they shoot they end up all over the place, but you were shooting real good, just one ragged hole.

Range Officer 2: *points to my 1911s*  Someone who bothers to put in custom 10-8 and Caspian flat triggers and puts the same trigger on their 45 carry gun and their 22 plinker gun and doesn't put in any other taticool crap tends to know what they're doing.

Range Officer 3: Yeah, haven't you seen him at the range before?

Course a bit before this conversation RO2 and I were talking about 1911  external versus internal extractors,  the fall of Kimber and trigger design.

Then RO1 had got behind the trigger of my Ruger and was impressed with the trigger pull.  That said, I'm real happy with the Ruger Single-Ten.  If you want a 22 single-action plinker revolver it will do.

It doesn't take much to really improve a gun. Mostly it's practice and working the shooter,   but there are a some mods and tricks that work.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1911 Magazine Holders.

It's come up *cough*  as to what I use to carry my spare mags for my 1911.

Well...   flashlight holsters.   No seriously.  I use these.

They're the right size for a 1911 mags and the belt holders can rotate 360 degrees.   This makes them very comfortable when they're slung on your belt.

They're also a great length for the magazines, provided you do a mod to the bottom.

As you can see in the attached I sewed some matching material on the bottom to seal the sleeve up.

It's interesting that of my mag holders I don't have any that are stock.  And most of them have been modified via sewing in some way.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Squeak or Treat."

Good , Bad  and Awesome News time.

The good: Squeaky has her surgery scheduled.

The bad:  She needs around $1800 more.

The Awsome:   Erin has worked in secret to build a truly epic raffle.   There's something for everyone.

Edit:  You may recognize one of the prizes.   It's about time I put my jerking and meat making skills to good use.  Man... everything about the art of preserving meat sounds dirty.