Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Guess who is unhappy that NY's nunchuck ban was overturned?

Given it's my blog and most all of my content is about Cracked....

Yeah you can guess.

Sure they mocked people who would want to own nunchucks as "pony tailed" wannabees but the article admits "blanket ban of them in an entire state seems pointless, if not downright hypocritical".

So what's their problem?

The Judge striking down the ban cited McDonald vs Chicago.

Until recently, states had a lot more say when it came to standing their ground on weapon bans and telling federal laws to stay off their property. But in the 2010 landmark case, McDonald v. Chicago, gun nuts managed to clinch a vital victory when the Supreme Court narrowly decided that the 2nd Amendment is to be extended to state and local laws without exception. This has led to an onslaught of NRA-backed lawsuits targeting local gun control. But hey, some people got their nunchucks back. Yay?

Here's the thing  Cracked should only be worried about "2nd Amendment...  extended to state and local laws  without exception" if they think the gun control they want is unconstitutional.

If, as they maintain,  the gun laws they advocate for are constitutional... then wouldn't retain said laws?  Hell,  the ironic part here is that post McDonald many Circuit Courts have ruled that  AWBs, mag bans, and the like are constitutional.

And for a bonus.... Cracked admits that they're still okay with nunchuck bans with their ending paragraph

Fortunately, if you want to escape the capricious violence of America's most dangerous tool of carnage, there's now still one place that will protect you from it: Massachusetts. Oh, and it's also the last state that's still banning nunchucks.

Note the link goes to a Vox piece that brags about how Mass' gun laws allow police to deny permits to own guns for any reason and favorably quotes people talking about how the entire point of Mass' gun control laws is to make it so fewer people bother to own guns and thus cause a chilling effect.