Monday, September 17, 2018

Cracked: How dare the media never talk about the realities of Gun ownership!

Yes... that's seriously today's article: 5 Realities Of Owning A Gun (The Media Never Talks About)
(And for once the url is close to the title.)

The article does present itself as a "both sides are wrong".  Except it doesn't mention anything that gun control advocates get... wrong.

Other than the dubious claim that blue states don't pass gun control in the wake of mass shootings.  Which...  is hilariously false.  Given New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, California  all passed gun control measures and do so regularly.   Even Vermont and Florida passed gun control.

For all the talk of "gun fanatics" and how some states have "no licenses for dealers" (nevermind that dealers are federally licensed...),  the iron pipeline paranoia, and that  gun ownership is at an all time low...

There is this bit,  which comes after talking about how the NRA is all extremist

So maybe it's finally time to start paying attention to all the other gun rights advocacy groups out there. Like the left-leaning Liberal Gun Club, for liberals who love Berettas and background checks. Or the Pink Pistols, a group that thinks strappin' up is a great way to protect yourself from hate crimes. And there are other, even more conservative groups, like the Gun Owners of America, which regularly butts heads with the NRA for being too compromising. Truth be told, gun culture is much more diverse than it seems. Really, the only thing they all agree on is "Guns are pretty rad."

Okay...   (And it's nice that they're talking about other organizations but it's funny how the NRA's 5 million members can be dismissed as an exaggeration and a small fraction of gun owners, but these other groups that are much smaller are...  )

Still by the standards of Crack's recent gun control articles,  including one which read like an apologia for Nazi gun laws this is more... sane.

Heck it reads a bit like this one that came out two years ago 5 Reasons Gun Control In The United States Is A Lost Cause  with the url of:

Which, coincidentally is mentioned at the end to the article along with this also bit of relative sanity (from 2013) 5 Mind-Blowing Facts Nobody Told You About Guns