Monday, October 30, 2017

Cracked: Cops have no duty to protect you.

So....   Cracked seems to have found out about the story where Joseph Lozito tried to subdue a knife-wielding killer in an NYC subway and the police did not help him.

What's funny in the video  Cracked started out with an admonishment against keyboard commandos going "If I was at X I'd use my sweet ninja moves to stop the killer!"

Which...  is totally legitimate.  It's really, really dangerous in a medical, legal, psychological, and fiscal sense to "get off the boat".  Especially if you have no idea what you are doing.

And to Cracked's credit they point those issues.

But most of the video is about how the police in this case didn't help.  Not Lozito, not the other victims.   And video then went into the legal precedents and even how legally if the police were liable for anyone that got injured in their jurisdiction things would fall apart.

And thus Cracked ends a video about responding to a knife-wielding killer with a clear cut statement that you might be able to count on the police.  Even if they're right there.

Sure Crackes sees this more to inform people the huge risks that come of "being  hero", but hey...  there's good chances that a bad guy won't give you the luxury of getting away. 

But one cannot help but drawing the conclusions that, in such an exigent circumstance it would really be handy to have various tools and training that would better allow someone to stop such a threat.

And that's probably not a conclusion Cracked wants its readers to come to.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cracked Two weeks ago: How come no one talks about gun control! Cracked Today: Buy our crossbows!

That's right,  fresh off Cracked complaining about how no one, including themselves, ever talks about gun control.... they've now got an article that's all about the variety of crossbows they're selling in their own store.

Without a background check even!

Yes they are toothpick crossbows, but the article jokes about firing them at people.

Kinda puts their gun control fretting into perspective doesn't it?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Go Home Cracked... you're drunk.

So... Cracked has a video up entitled Why We Constantly Avoid Talking About Gun Control

Huh...  what's this WE Cracked?

See here's an advantage where my blog has decayed into me commenting whenever cracked goes on about gun Control.  They put up an article one every two or three months.... for years.

They're frequent enough that it's become the running thing of my blog.

And now they pretend that they haven't been talking about it?