Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You think things are bad now?

It's like Obama couldn't be doing a worse job it that were his goal.

The Idiot’s Guide to Destroying the Economy: a 12-Step Program

Why has Obama neglected Treasury?

President Barack Obama’s handy excuse for all sorts of goofs and missteps is that he’s too busy working on fixing the economy. In order to do that, one might expect that Obama would concentrate on building his economic team at the Department of the Treasury, where most of those efforts would originate and get managed. Instead, as noted earlier today, phones go unanswered at Treasury — and our allies and trading partners have begun complaining about the lack of effort in the White House.


From that, we know that more than four dozen positions remain unfilled — positions that Geithner has to fill himself. But what about positions that the White House has to appoint? I researched that question this morning, and found the list of positions at Treasury that require White House appointment and Senate confirmation.

Worry. The man is either a con-artist or a total bungler

Here's an argument for bungler: A Presidential Crisis of Competence

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